Fujifilm announces 14MP FinePix S4500 superzoom camera

By Swapnil Mathur | Published on 09 Aug 2012
Fujifilm announces 14MP FinePix S4500 superzoom camera

Fujifilm India has just announced the Fujifilm FinePix S4500, a 14 megapixel superzoom camera. The S4500 incorporates a 30x Fujinon lens for shooting those far away objects. With a CCD-Shift based stabilization system, there is absolutely no need to worry about camera shake ruining the photographs, especially at the telephoto end.

The S4500 superzoom also boasts of high performance shooting functions such as Motion Panorama, Super Macro Shooting, Tracking Auto Focus, Instant Zoom and Zoom Bracketing Mode which enables the camera to be a good choice for high speed shooting.

According to Mr. Tanaka, Managing Director, Fujifilm India, “FinePix S4500 has optical power zoom lens, which is an ideal component to capture images with exceptional quality. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiasts, keen travellers or sports fans, the precise 45-step zoom control enables any amateur person to do fast and accurate framing in FinePix S4500. Now you don’t have to miss any opportunity to capture the photo which will add value to your portfolio.

The camera is also equipped with SR AUTO, a 6 scene-recognition function, which detects faces, blinks and smiles and is optimized primarily for people photography.

There is no word on the price or the availability of the FinePix S4500 so far, but the camera is expected to hit stores in the coming weeks.

Swapnil Mathur

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