CES 2013: Canon unveils novel PowerShot N alongside three new cameras

By Swapnil Mathur | Published on 08 Jan 2013
  • Canon has introduced four new cameras at CES 2013, three in the Powershot series, and one in the IXUS range.

CES 2013: Canon unveils novel PowerShot N alongside three new cameras

Canon didn’t skip out on this year’s CES, making an announcement that revealed four new cameras to the world. While three of them are pretty standard, the PowerShot N is somewhat of a novel camera.

The Canon PowerShot N is the first to break away from the traditional camera design ethos. It sheds a significant amount of bulge from the sides and ditches the generations old rectangular design for one that is more like a square. With the advent of modern technology and the touch-screen becoming so responsive, Canon has ditched all buttons on the camera in favour of a 2.8 inch touchscreen. The LCD tilts upwards 90 degrees and offers a touch shutter as well.

What’s really novel about the PowerShot N however is its zoom and shutter mechanisms (seen below). Zooming is done by toggling a small switch built onto the lens either to the left or right while the shutter button is placed on a second ring on the lens. The half-press-to-focus-full-press-to-shoot mechanism still applies though, which is good. The camera also packs in Wi-Fi to be able to pair up with a hot-spot to provide instant uploads to social networks. As for other specs, the Canon PowerShot N bears a 12MP BSI CMOS sensor, the Digit 5 image processor, and a 28-224mm equivalent lens.

The other three cameras are the IXUS 140, PowerShot A1400 and PowerShot A2600. All three cameras incorporate a 16 megapixel sensor. While the PowerShots include the CCD type sensor, the IXUS 140 houses the BSI-CMOS kind. While the PowerShots offer 5x worth of optical zoom (28-140mm), the IXUS 140 sports a focal length of 28-224mm. All three cameras have a burst mode of 0.8 fps, so don’t be expecting to be able to shoot action or sports with these.

Canon PowerShot A1400 (above)
Canon PowerShot A2600 (above)
Canon IXUS 140 (above)
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