Canon releases firmware 2.0 update for the EOS 7D

By Swapnil Mathur | Published on 08 Aug 2012
Canon releases firmware 2.0 update for the EOS 7D

Canon has lived up to the promise it made a couple of months ago and released the updated version 2.0 firmware that's supposed to breathe new life into the EOS Canon 7D.

The two major upgrades that EOS Canon 7D firmware 2.0 update brings is the expansion of RAW buffer from 15 images to 25, meaning that sports shooters and those who just love shooting at the full 8 frames per second will have a little more room to play with. The second key feature being added to the 7D is the ability to set manual audio levels.

Without the firmware 2.0 update, the EOS Canon 7D audio levels were automatically set while filming, meaning that the it was quite easy to lose the main audio thanks to ambient sounds, but with manual levels, that's a problem of the past. However, the levels need to be set before recording and cannot be changed till filming stops.

Other minor, but considerable updates include in-camera editing, the ability to rate images, GPS compatibility and more.

The firmware can be downloaded immediately from the Canon website.

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