Canon issues EOS 650D advisory

By Swapnil Mathur | Published on 10 Jul 2012
Canon issues EOS 650D advisory

Just a few days after launch, the Canon EOS 650D already has an advisory being issued against its name by Canon. According to the camera giant, the rubber hand grip on both sides of the camera could cause allergic reactions for some users.

It seems that in some of the 650D units, a larger than normal amount of “rubber accelerator” was used, and the cause of the said allergic reactions. The rubber accelerator, in larger than normal quantities, could cause a reaction between the various chemicals in the hand grip, leading to the production of zinc bis which causes the rubber grips to turn white.

Canon has isolated the issue to EOS 650D cameras that were manufactured between May 31 and Jun 15, with the sixth digit of the serial number being “1”.

It is unlikely that any of the India batch will include the affected cameras, but in case you do happen to have one of the unfortunate units, we advise you take the camera in to your local Canon service center.


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