We seem to have caught our first glimpse of Tesla's electric semi truck

By Souvik Das | Updated 4 Oct 2017
We seem to have caught our first glimpse of Tesla's electric semi truck
  • Although there have been no confirmation, the photograph that has leaked looks quite close to the one Musk had teased.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been quite secretive about the company’s plans behind the electric semi truck. While Musk had showed us a single teaser image of the proposed semi’s silhouette, there have been no further teasers or sightings – or even much word, about the Tesla electric semi truck. Until now, that is.


A Redditor recently posted a photo on r/TeslaMotors, of a snazzy looking electric semi being hauled along the highway. The photograph was certainly shot on a cell phone, and the lack of resolution means you won’t really be able to zoom in and inspect closely. Nevertheless, we can anyway only really see the side of the truck, and a bit of the front that confirms the absence of a front grille (as you’d expect from an electric truck). The overall shape does seem to be rather close to the original teaser image, which further adds fuel to this rumour.

The Tesla electric semi truck is expected to come with a battery that would be good enough for travelling up to 300 miles. While that would not make it a heavy duty long ranger, it would certainly be good for cross city deliveries. We expect to see such electric semis more often in our future.

It now remains to be seen whether the final truck looks anything like what this one does. Tesla has so far refused to officially comment on the leaked photograph, citing company policies. Recent word on the Internet suggested that the Tesla semi truck will be launched in this month itself, and that seems quite likely now.

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