Tata Nexon, Hexa buoys 223 percent growth in passenger UV segment of Tata Motors

By Souvik Das | Updated 2 Apr 2018
Tata Nexon, Hexa buoys 223 percent growth in passenger UV segment of Tata Motors
  • While the passenger car segment declined by 4 percent, a cumulative rise of 223 percent in passenger utility vehicles has helped in Tata Motors posting 23 percent annual growth against its sales in FY 2017.

Tata Motors has posted strong annual figures for FY 2018, for year ending March 31, 2018. The cumulative domestic sales figures for commercial and passenger vehicles for FY 2018 stands at 5,86,639, a total increase of 23 percent from 4,78,362 vehicles sold in FY 2017. Of these, the highest contributors in terms of percentage figures are I&LCV (Intermediate and Light Commercial Vehicles) trucks, SCV (Small Commercial Vehicles) cargo and pickups, and passenger utility vehicles (UVs) posting percentage growths of 97 percent, 52 percent and 223 percent respectively.


The growth in passenger utility vehicles is of particular importance here, where cars like the Tata Nexon and Hexa have contributed majorly to the total growth figures for Tata Motors. Since launch, both the Tata Hexa and Nexon have been credited with having robust builds, smart design and a renewed focus on lifestyle buyers. Tata's Impact Design philosophy has contributed significantly to renewed customer interest in Tata Motors cars for customers, with the Nexon in particular drawing eyeballs owing to its coupe-like design, the dual-tone paint and a refreshing new design. The Nexon further focused on interiors, with better quality soft-touch plastic elements, more comfortable and spacious seating, and excellent utility storage spaces. Tata Motors has also put focus on technology, putting a larger infotainment display with a new ConnectNext interface and support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with elements like a higher definition rear parking camera and better entertainment quotient.

The significant growth of compact and full-grown utility vehicles have made up for the four percent decline seen in the passenger cars segment of Tata Motors. The company presently has the Tata Tiago and Tigor as its main offerings in the passenger car segment, and despite their relative good run, the company is already looking forward at more premium offerings for 2018 and ahead. Notably, the likes of the Tata H5X premium SUV concept, the X451 premium hatchback and the EVision full-size sedan concept are signs of good things to come, and the rising passenger interest in Tata's cars is what the company will look to continue in the future.

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