Second-generation Nissan Leaf EV to launch in India later this year

By Souvik Das | Updated 21 Jun 2018
Second-generation Nissan Leaf EV to launch in India later this year
  • The Nissan Leaf EV will be sold as a CBU, and pricing will be in the range of around Rs. 50 lac for the second generation of the world's most popular electric vehicle so far.

Nissan is finally bringing the second generation Nissan Leaf electric vehicle to India. News regarding the launch of the world's presently most popular electric car in India had been floating around for a while, and now the company is finally planning its launch schedule in India. The car will hit Indian shores some time towards end-2018, before which we probably will catch a few glimpses of the car being tested on road a few times. However, it is not quite going to be a mass-market car.


The 2018 Nissan Leaf EV is being imported as a completely built unit (CBU), which attracts heavy import duties in India. Industry estimates suggest that the price of the Nissan Leaf EV will fall somewhere around Rs. 40 to 50 lac, which puts it in actual luxury car territory alongside the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and so on. That said, the Leaf will be the only one of its kind in India, with the hybrid Toyota Prius coming close in terms of quirky looks and its polar-bear-friendliness. The Indian car market is still not privy to heavy government subsidies on electric vehicles, as is the case in many other nations, and until such subsidies are put in place, the Nissan Leaf will be priced at a significantly higher point, and will serve as a flagbearer of next-generation electric car technology.

The new generation Nissan Leaf is powered by a 40 kWh battery and a 140 bhp electric motor, and is certified to last for around 400 kilometres. It will be a significant addition to India's rising count of electric cars, and will also hopefully signify a push forward for infrastructure to be put in place for electric cars.

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