Pioneer introduces Z series infotainment systems in India

By Souvik Das | Published on 28 Aug 2017
  • The four new infotainment systems under the Pioneer Z series come with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, integrated offline navigation and Full HD video playback.

Pioneer introduces Z series infotainment systems in India

Pioneer has introduced a new line of aftermarket infotainment solutions for cars. These systems bring a touchscreen interface with custom design, and support and compatibility for all essentials. The Pioneer Z series includes a total of four SKUs, each with a varying level of proficiency and features, and the pricing ranges from Rs. 21,990 to Rs. 44,990. These SKUs include the Pioneer Z7050BT (Rs. 44,990), Z5090BT (Rs. 29,990), Z2090BT (Rs. 24,990) and Z1090DVD (Rs. 21,990).

The top two trims of the Pioneer Z series infotainment systems get AppRadioMode+, using which users can tether a smartphone to the car's infotainment system and either transfer downloaded photos and videos, or stream live videos from the smartphone to the central infotainment console. These systems also recognise external hard drives, and users can plug in the HDDs via USB to stream movies while traveling. The 7-inch, 24-bit colour touchscreen display has native resolution of 800x480 pixels, and supports up to Full HD video playback. Supported video codecs include MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.263, WMV, Xvid and DivX, while supported audio codecs include MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV and the high-res FLAC system.

Other features include the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the system, along with a custom interface that is also customisable. Users can choose to arrange their own sequence of icons to personalise the system, which also includes integrated, satellite-linked offline navigation system powered by MapMyIndia. The systems are also compatible with in-car controls, and functions such as voice control, track changes and volume alteration can be accessed via steering-mounted controls.

With increasing focus being put on in-car infotainment systems, it will be interesting to see how the Pioneer Z series infotainment setups are received in the market. The company will be targeting entry-segment cars still powered by basic infotainment setups, as more and more vehicles nowadays have begun including well-equipped infotainment systems by default.

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