NNG announces iGO add-on for iOS and Android integration with in-car AVN

By Vishal Mathur | Updated 14 Oct 2013
NNG announces iGO add-on for iOS and Android integration with in-car AVN
  • The product is called NavFusion, and will arrive in cars in India in first quarter of 2014. This will work with Android and iOS devices for the time being.

It seems like next year will be a good one for those who will be buying cars with pre-installed smartphone integration capabilities. While Ford will be bringing such a feature as an upgrade to the SYNC setup in the EcoSport and the New Fiesta, leading navigation solution provider NNG, will be launching a similar feature that will allow deeper smartphone integration with the in-car Audio Video Navigation (AVN) systems. This system is called NavFusion, and will be an extension of the iGO Navigation Software in standalone GPS devices and factory fitted units. 
The good part, it'll not just be limited to one brand or a few cars only.


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Since NNG is primarily a navigation solutions company, the focus of NavFusion is obviously on the map features first. The company says that when the smartphone is paired with the system, all map and saved navigation points will be automatically synced to the in-car unit. This also makes the process of updating the maps and the navigation content a lot simpler. The contacts on the phone, favorites, navigation history, planned routes, and maps are synced between smartphone and head-unit.


The iGO NavFusion software will work with Android and iOS devices, and will link up the phone with factory fitted head units, and with the iGO standalone GPS devices. 

This is an example of the navigation details syncing between the phone and the in-car navigation system. Save a navigation point on the phone, it will sync to the car's unit, and you can begin the navigation from there.


“We just solved the biggest headache of car makers: the ultimate solution for keeping the navigation maps and content of a multimedia unit up-to-date. With NavFusion, we’re not only enhancing the driving experience with map updates and the integration of personal smartphone content, but we’re also increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer-support related costs,” said Péter Bolesza, Vice President for EEU and Emerging Markets of NNG.

Also, NavFusion will offer additional services and information like online local search, weather, traffic and fuel prices – all available through the main interface of the vehicle.


NavFusion will be able to connect to most AVN systems via USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The company says that quite a few OEMs are on-board to provide the NavFusion system in the cars right from the time they roll off the production line.

Vishal Mathur

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