Nissan's latest development using ProPilot are self-parking slippers and cushions!

By Souvik Das | Updated 29 Jan 2018
Nissan's latest development using ProPilot are self-parking slippers and cushions!
  • No more of getting scolded by your mother for leaving dirty slippers behind.

Nissan has been making steady advances in the field of autonomous cars, gradually building sensor-laden technology with a bunch of AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance driver-assistance technologies in cars. Right now, the Nissan ProPilot system uses a combination of cameras and sensors to take over the brakes, throttle and steering and help cars recognise parking spots and park themselves.


But, Nissan is not content with just having its cars show off what new technology can do. Last week, Nissan unveiled ProPilot Park Ryokan - based on a traditional Japanese inn. The purpose of it is to put in it a bunch of everyday objects that you would have at home - slippers, cushions, chairs and tables, and have them move around automatically to find their own 'parking' position once they have been used. For instance, once you're done lounging on the floor on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the cushion can actually 'drive' itself back to where it belongs - the carpet, maybe.

It may not solve massive problems, but it is still rather cool to see slippers move back to the rug-side once you dive back in to your bed. It is also a show of how obstacle and position recognition technology can work in a bid to enhance mobility. We imagine everything in future will have hints of smartness about them, and if Nissan has its way, even your slippers can potentially meet you at your doorway once you reach back home. Ain't that neat!

Nissan has previously shown a bunch of concept chairs that can line themselves up once a meeting is done, and this new bunch of everyday objects powered by ProPilot can contribute to more data that Nissan wants to collate to further improve its self-driving maneuvers. You can see all of this in action here below:


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