Maserati will electrify its entire car lineup from 2019

By Souvik Das | Updated 5 Dec 2017
Maserati will electrify its entire car lineup from 2019
  • The company joins Volvo and BMW to announce full electrification of its car lineup.

Maserati is the latest to join the all-electrified car portfolio bandwagon, with the company announcing that all of its cars will carry some form of electrification starting 2019. The company has affirmed that after two of its upcoming launches, it will invest heavily in electrification of its powertrains. The present Levante platform underpinning Maserati vehicles already allows for plug-in hybrid electrification, and widespread expectations are that it is this platform that the first electrified Maserati cars will be built on.


The first cars under Maserati's electrified lineup will be based on the 2014 Maserati Alfieri concept, and is expected to make it to production by 2020. The new car is also expected to be a sports car, which is expected to lay the foundation for further cars to follow. As of now, a lot of Maserati cars are due for updates, and are all based on combustion engines. The latest Levante and GranTurismo coupe have been updated, but the Ghibli and Quattroporte will be due for more updates soon.

Announcing an entirely electrified car lineup is being done by many carmakers right now. Volvo became the first company to do so, and was soon followed by BMW. The all-electrified lineup does not necessarily mean that all of the cars will be purely electric, and combustion engines will still be around as many of the cars will be hybrids. However, this will raise scope for more efficient driving, and create the ground for wider adoption of electric cars.

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