Is Apple Car being secretly built in buildings named after Greek gods?

By Nithya Palaniyappan | Updated 13 Apr 2016
Is Apple Car being secretly built in buildings named after Greek gods?
  • Cloaked in secrecy and speculation, these buildings are top-secret research facilities hidden in plain sight.

Apple has bought and leased a bunch of buildings, and named them after Greek deities, according to a report by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. This apparent line of purchases is being reported based on documents files by the city governments.


Interestingly, a lot of buildings relate to an undisclosed project dubbed ‘Titan’, which seemingly is Apple’s electric, self-driving car. There is already a building in Sunnyvale, where neighbours were allegedly complaining about hearing ‘motor noises’ in the night. Reportedly codenamed ‘Rhea’, the building is situated on 175 San Gabriel drive, and the plan of the structure includes obvious automotive references like 'lube bay’ and ‘wheel balancer’. The report also includes other buildings like the ones mentioned below:

Medusa: 123-127 Uranium drive, Sunnyvale. This former manufacturing facility is now claimed to be a warehouse building. The building plans have rooms marked for ‘eye tracking’ and  ‘vision lab’.
Magnolia: 335 Brokaw. Former FedEx facility, with building plans marked to include a machine called ‘regenerative thermal oxidiser’ that can reduce pollution and is used in manufacturing.
Zeus: San Jose. This former research facility is marked as an ‘interim lab’, and has a few researchers. This will be fenced, and onlookers cannot see through.
Athena: This used to be a Maxim chip-making facility. Apple’s plans with this one is not clear.
Corvinus: 2630, Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara. This building is marked for ‘industrial use’.
Aria: Apple plans to install stepper tools, which are used in semi-conductor manufacturing.
Pegasus: 5301, Patrick Henry Drive. Having demolished the insides of this building, Apple plans to use this to create new testing and mechanical rooms.

These facilities are add-ons to the new spaceship-like circular office building that Apple is building in Cupertino, which will be completed early next year. The documents support Apple’s long-rumoured automotive ambitions, and suggest the brain facilities for the mythical “Apple Car”.

Nithya Palaniyappan

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