Harley Davidson is making an all electric bike!

By Hardik Singh | Updated 15 Jun 2016
Harley Davidson is making an all electric bike!
  • Harley has confirmed that the company will be bringing an all electric bike within five years

Renowned bike maker Harley Davidson has revealed plans that it will bring an all electric bike to the Harley line up within five years. This is a big news considering Harley Davidson is better known for its low slung motorcycles with high capacity V-twin engines. The company has not revealed any specifications about the upcoming electric bike, nor has it shared whether it will be a smart bike in any way. According to Milwaukee Business Journal, the bike is under development.


Harley is not new to the idea of electric motorcycles. It showcased an all electric bike prototype called the LiveWire back in 2014, which was a capable of hitting 160 kmph. It was able to go from 0 to 60 mph (97 kmph) in under four seconds. However, that had a range of just 88 kilometres and had a recharge time of 3.5 hours, which made it rather inconvenient. However, it is to be believed that since then Harley has developed a better way to do things. Moreover, in the next five years, the company might be able to deliver a good modern electric motorcycle. The biggest challenge for Harley as well as other bike makers is the lack of space on a two wheeler. It is a challenge to provide good range and maneuverability (with the added weight of batteries) at the same time.

Harley Davidson currently sells about 13 odd motorcycles in India ranging from Rs. 4,70,000/- Street 750 to the top of the line CVO limited which is available for whopping Rs. 51,27,000/-

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