Future Jaguar-Land Rover cars to come with advanced weather adaptation system

By Souvik Das | Updated 5 Dec 2017
Future Jaguar-Land Rover cars to come with advanced weather adaptation system
  • Providing intelligent adaptation of climate control, traction control, suspension and drivetrain settings!

The Jaguar-Land Rover group is developing an advanced weather adaptation system for its cars. The intelligent system will allow cars to autonomously adapt to weather changes and situations, and make adjustments to the drivetrain, suspension, traction control and the climate control system by itself. The mechanism and the exact specifics of its workings have not been elaborated already, but is expected to help all-terrain systems, particularly in the Land Rover and Range Rover lineups, to perform even better.


Initial reports suggest that the JLR autonomous weather adaptation system will use the connected telematics and GPS services in present and future cars to gain access to weather data, and that coupled with the onboard rain and terrain sensing mechanism will help make cars autonomously make changes to the in-cabin air temperature, pressure, humidity and even interior and exterior lighting. Alongside, adjustments will be made to the drivetrain, including steering feedback, suspension, traction control and maybe even include presets for the electronic speed limiter, depending on the condition.

The closest to this said system available right now are made by the likes of Mazda, where the advanced traction control system helps the car automatically make changes to a car's traction and drivetrain depending on the present on-ground driving condition. JLR's system, meanwhile, improves further by predicting weather situations beforehand, hence improving the safety quotient of the cars. The advanced weather adaptation system is expected to premiere in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles once the company starts production of its autonomous and semi-autonomous cars, 2020 onward. These cars will also be possibly equipped with the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, which has already been teased for future Range Rover vehicles.

Jaguar and Land Rover also aims to roll out electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants for each of its cars in the portfolio, alongside these advanced technologies. The company has rolled out its first step towards electrification, with the Range Rover P400e plug-in hybrid SUV, which provides cumulative power equivalent to 403 horses delivered to all four wheels, along with electric-only driving range of 50 kilometres.

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