Datsun Go, Go+ get Vehicle Dynamic Control, new infotainment system in India

By Vignesh Giridharan | Updated 4 Jun 2019
Datsun Go, Go+ get Vehicle Dynamic Control, new infotainment system in India
  • Datsun Go and Go+ get new safety tech, namely Vehicle Dynamic Control.
  • In addition, they also come with a new infotainment system.
  • They also get a new "Vivid Blue" colour option in India.

The Datsun Go and Go+, two hatchbacks that haven’t seen an upgrade or facelift in quite a while, now ship with Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), a new infotainment system, and a new “Vivid Blue” colour option in India. The Nissan-owned car maker announced these updates in a press release yesterday. The Datsun Go and Go+ currently start at Rs 3.32 lakh and Rs 3.87 lakh respectively. Sadly, Datsun has not updated the cheaper Redi-Go with these features.


Datsun’s Vehicle Dynamic Control is a safety technology that monitors wheel speed, steering wheel position, and lateral acceleration of the car using onboard sensors to provide better stability control electronically. According to the Japanese car maker, it responds to oversteers and understeers effectively to deliver a safer driving experience. As part of the safety upgrade, the Datsun Go and Go+ also come with anti-lock braking (ABS), electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), brake assist (BA), and traction control system (TCS).

“Datsun is committed to transform customer experience with new and innovative products. Underscoring our focus on progressive mobility backed by safety, technology, style and convenience, the New Datsun GO and GO+ now comes with VDC so that the Datsun owner can drive with confidence,” commented Hardeep Singh Brar, Director Sales and Commercial at Nissan India. The Japanese car brand claims that the VDC is a segment-first safety feature for the two hatchbacks.

The two cars also come with an updated infotainment system. According to Datsun, the new music system features a seven-inch display and smartphone connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Apart from standard in-car music features, the music system also comes with voice recognition. The Datsun Go went on sale in India in 2013 and the longer Go+ followed soon after. Both models were upgraded late last year. The Datsun Go and Go+ come with a single powertrain option: a 3-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol motor that churns out 68 horsepower.

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