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CES 2019: Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle launched, powered by Panasonic Automotive

By Vignesh Giridharan | Published on 09 Jan 2019
  • Ironically, the latest Harley-Davidson is the quietest yet.

CES 2019: Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle launched, powered by Panasonic Automotive


  • Harley-Davidson launched its first electric production motorcycle at CES
  • Called the LiveWire, the motorcycle has many connectivity options through smatphone apps
  • The connectivity service is made possible by Panasonic Automotive


Harley-Davidson, whose motorcycles are known for their distinctly gruff exhaust note, launched its first electric production motorcycle at CES on January 7. Called the LiveWire, the new motorcycle comes with a suite of electronic rider aids and mobile connectivity options that are designed by Panasonic Automotive. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is currently available for pre-orders in the US at a starting price of $29,799 (Rs 21 lakh rupees approx). Deliveries are expected to happen by autumn this year.

OneConnect, Panasonic Automotive's connectivity solution for automobiles, makes information from the Harley-Davidson LiveWire's telematics control unit (TCU) available to riders on their smartphones. According to Panasonic Automotive, the OneConnect service complements the latest version of the Harley-Davidson app and the new Harley-Davidson Connect app. "From battery charge status to vehicle tracking, riders will have a better understanding of their vehicle and can focus on enjoying the ride," said David Taylor, Executive Director of Product Strategy and Business Development at Panasonic Automotive.

With the Harley-Davidson Connect app, users of the LiveWire can check battery charge status and available ride range of the motorcycle at any given time remotely from their smartphones as long as mobile network is available. They can even find nearby charging stations using the app. The Harley-Davidson app, on the other hand, notifies users of any physical movement or bumps on the GPS-enabled motorcycle when it's parked. This should guarantee the users' peace of mind. The Harley-Davidson app also notifies users of any upcoming motorcycle service requirements.

Panasonic Automotive worked with Cubic Telecom during the development of the LiveWire. The Dublin-based company will manage the platform required to maintain the lifecycle of the eSIM installed on the LiveWire's TCU. According to Harley-Davidson, the LiveWire has a total range of 177 kilometres (110 miles) and can get from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in under 3.5 seconds. Using the onboard charger and a household wall outlet, the LiveWire can be charged to full capacity overnight. However, a faster charge is possible through public Level 3 Fast Charge stations.


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