Car rental service Revv to now have Mobileye-powered driver assistance systems

By Souvik Das | Updated 5 Dec 2017
Car rental service Revv to now have Mobileye-powered driver assistance systems
  • The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) includes smart safety features like forward collision, lane departure, pedestrian warnings and more.

Indian self-drive car rental startup Revv has partnered with Mobileye to equip their cars with Mobileye's Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). Mobileye, an Intel company, specialises in on-road image sensing and providing crucial data to aid assistive and autonomous driving technology. The ADAS system is a set of advanced safety features that Mobileye can retrofit in production cars to make them safer and smarter, and it is this very set that will be present in Revv's cars, going forward.


The Mobileye ADAS unit includes — forward collision warning (FCW) by gauging acceleration, braking and trajectory of the car ahead, headway monitor and warning (HMW) to gauge proximity from the car ahead, pedestrian and cyclist collision warning (PCW) to avoid accidents (only works during day), lane departure warning and speed limit indication. The retrofitted technology will include Mobileye's own camera and sensor units, which enable computer vision to process environment data while travelling. Revv, notably, is the first Indian company in the commercial commuting and ride sharing space to avail and equip its fleet with the advanced assistance technology.

While the switch towards autonomy has been evident for a while, the nascent steps are only being taken now. With Revv adopting Mobileye's ADAS technologies, more players in the ride sharing and commercial commuting space, which are often prone to accidents, will move to equip their fleet with similar technologies. Revv reportedly carried out on-road tests of the 30 ADAS equipped cars (out of its fleet of 800 cars) and drove for over 4,00,000kms. Mobileye, meanwhile, has been one of the most noted companies working on advanced autonomy, and will be using Revv's platform as an effective way to gauge the tricky Indian roads and improve the systems.

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