Amazon Great Indian Festival Diwali Special sale: Top air purifier deals

By Shubham Sharma | Published on 21 Oct 2019
  • Amazon Great Indian Festival Diwali Special sale is now live.

  • There are some notable deals on air purifiers.

  • We have listed some of the top deals on air purifiers.

Amazon Great Indian Festival Diwali Special sale: Top air purifier deals
Amazon Great Indian Festival Diwali Special sale: Top air purifier deals

The festive season is upon us and since it’s the occasion of Diwali, we can expect a sharp decline in air quality in almost all major cities across India. Since Amazon is hosting its Great Indian Festival Diwali Special Sale, this is a good time to pick up an air purifier at a discounted price. There are many air purifiers available with a notable discount from companies like Sharp, Blueair, Dyson and others. Most air purifiers listed here have also been reviewed by Digit and you can read more about their performance here

Sharp FP-J60M (Buy it here)
MRP: Rs 32,999
Deal Price: Rs 25,999

We tested the Sharp FP-J60M air purifier last year and it ended up winning our coveted Zero1 awards in the air purifier category. The device is an excellent performer and it is available at a bargain for Rs 26,000. The only caveat with the device is lack of IoT capabilities. Read the device's review here.

Blueair Classic 280i (Buy it here)
MRP: Rs 36,999
Deal Price: Rs 29,288

The Blueair Classic 280i is also a notable performer that was able to impress us with its performance. It comes with IoT capabilities as well and a single filter that traps both harmful particulates and gasses. You can read the review here.

Dyson Pure Cool Link (Buy it here)
MRP: Rs 43.900
Deal Price: Rs 29,900

Dyson’s first gen Pure Cool Link air purifier is up for sale at discounted pricing. The device’s design is quite unique and it doubles up as a fan too. It sports an H-13 Glass HEPA Filter, along with an activated carbon filter to clear out harmful gases.  You can read our review of the air purifier here. 

Honeywell Air Touch i8  (Buy it here)
MRP: Rs 20,990
Deal Price: Rs 12,999

We tested and reviewed the Honeywell Air Touch i9 air purifier (review) but aren’t recommending it because the Air Touch i8 is up for sale at a considerably discounted pricing. The features on both the devices are almost the same with touch-based controls, a display to show real-time PM2.5 count and more. 

Kent Alps air purifier (Buy it here)
MRP: Rs 21,999
Deal Price: Rs 9,999

Air purifiers don’t necessarily need to cost more since air purification is a simple combination of filters and a fan. The grade of filters, replacement filter cost and filter life needs to be considered while buying an air purifier. With Kent Alps, one will get basic air filtration capabilities, along with harmful gas removal, thanks to a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. Read the device's review here.

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