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01 - Oct - 2008
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01 - Oct - 2008
Dream For Good

Google’s Wireless Hopes


According to recent reports it was confirmed that Internet search Giant Google has filed a patent with the US Patent office for its vision of Wireless network for mobile phones. Just like every other product from Google the very idea is quite revolutionary. According to Google’s vision of an open wireless network, smart phones are not tied or locked to any particular network or service provider, and smart phones and wireless devices will be able to migrate to better and stronger networks as per their needs. They will also be able to choose a particular network or service provider, based on the pricing it is offering.

The idea is to make devices smart so that they can choose between networks based on their signal strength. So if you have better connectivity to Network A at office, the device will automatically latch on to it. At home, however, if you have equal strength for Network B and Network C, the phone will choose a network based on what you are doing. So if you’re making calls, it might use Network B, which offers lower voice calling rates. However, if it’s Web surfing that you’re doing, and Network C is cheaper for data connections, the device will automatically switch to C, and save you some hard earned money. Your device might also identify a low cost WiMax or Wi-Fi provider in the area, and route all your Net traffic through one of those.

The idea for this comes from the fact that you have to pay penalties for breaking your contract with a mobile service provider, but you do no such thing when using your laptop to latch onto any available wireless service. Today, even in India, we can sit at famous coffee outlets, or restaurants, and log on using the wireless access provided to us; so why not do the same for your mobile phone? That’s what Google wants to bring to us.

Though Google seems to have the right idea, it’s doubtful that network service providers will ever allow this to happen.


It’s not like this can happen overnight anyway, because even hardware manufacturers have to include this functionality in their devices, and this is easier said than done.

So although this initiative might be a long way off, we think it’s a step in the right direction. As you wait for number portability to become a reality in India, you can add Google’s Open Wireless plans to your list of services and technologies to pray for. Seriously, every night, before you sleep. Open Wireless. Remember that.


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