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एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax

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By Digit Desk | अपडेट on 09-Apr-2019
Market Status : LAUNCHED
Release Date : 01 Sep, 2012
Official Website : HP

Key Specifications

  • OS


    Free DOS

  • Display


    15.6" (1366 x 768)

  • Processor


    APU A4 | 1.9 GHz

  • Memory


    320 GB SATA/2GB DDR3

एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax Price in India: ₹ 23,261 (onwards)

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एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax Prices in India

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एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax Full Specifications

Basic Information
Model name : HP Pavilion g6-1318ax
Launch date (global) : 2012-09-01
ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम (व्हर्जनसह) : Free DOS
लॅपटॉप प्रकार : Mainstream
रिझोल्युशन : 1366 x 768
डिस्प्ले आकार (इंचामध्ये) : 15.6
Display technology : LED Widescreen HD Display
Wireless connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth v 4.0+HS
कनेक्टिव्हिटी : 3 x USB 2.0, HDMI
वैशिष्ट्ये : Built in .3MP webcam, Memory card reader
पॉइंटिंग डिवाइस : Touchpad with Multi Gesture Support (Pinch and Scroll)
रॅम समाविष्ट(GB मध्ये) : 2
रॅम प्रकार : DDR3
रॅम गती (mhz) : 1333
रॅम वाढविण्याचे पर्याय (न वापरलेल्या स्लॉट्सची संख्या) : 1
Physical Specifications
लॅपटॉप वजन (किलोमध्ये) : 2.3
लॅपटॉप परिमाण(mm मध्ये) : 373.8 x 245.1 x 36.3
प्रोसेेसर मॉडल नाव : APU A4
क्लॉक स्पीड : 1.9 GHz
कोअर्स : Dual
अॅल्ट्रा-लो व्हॉल्टाज(हो किंवा नाही) : N
ग्राफिक्स प्रोसेसर : AMD Radeon HD 7450M (1 GB) and AMD Radeon HD 6480G ( 512MB)
Storage drive type : SATA
Storage drive capacity : 320 GB
हार्ड ड्राइव्ह गती (rpm मध्ये) : 5400
ऑप्टिकल ड्राइव : DVD RW SuperMulti Drive with Dual Layer Support
बॅटरी बॅकअप(तासांमध्ये) : 3
बॅटरी प्रकार : 6 cell Lithium ion
बॅटरी वाढविण्याचे पर्याय (हो किंवा नाही) : Yes
पॉवर सप्लाय : 65W AC Power Adapter
स्पीकर्स : Altec Lansing Speakers
साउंड टेक्नॉलॉजी : HD Audio, SRS Premium Audio
Warranty And Manufacturer Info
वॉरंटी लांबी : 1 year
वॉरंटी माहिती : Parts and labour limited warranty

एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax Brief Description

The एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax has been launched on 01 Sep, 2012 in India. Know detailed specifications about this Laptops product. The एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax is available in India.

एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax Price in India updated on 9th Apr 2019

एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax Price In India Starts From Rs.23261 The best price of एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax is Rs.23261 on Flipkart.

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लोकप्रिय एचपी लॅपटॉप्स

एचपी Pavilion g6-1318ax User Reviews

Overall Rating
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  • 4 Star 5
Based on 10 Ratings
  • amazing laptop at its price and also good for gaming
    Ankit Raj on | 01-05-2014

    this thing is simply awsome for its price although i didnt bought it from flipkart , i must say it is the thing that u might want to go for if u want to use it for everyday use and some gaming at the end of the day. it also handles games quiet nicely like far cry 3 ,battlefield 3,battlefield 4 on low graphics but still they were amazing .

  • Awesome Laptop
    Prati on | 01-03-2013

    Part 1 If you are a guy who doesn't change laptops every 3 years and sticks to one for atleast 7 years, Read on. Normally when choosing a laptop, go for components which cannot be changed. Or in other words components which cannot be upgraded. And the components which cannot be upgraded are Processor, Graphic Cards and Ports. RAM and Hard Disks can be upgraded and even external Hard Disks can be added if desired. But the 3 components given above cannot be upgraded ever. Once its fixed it cannot be changed. Yea, RAM and Hard Disk in this Laptop is not much. RAM especially. 2GB is NOT OK! I added additional 4GB of RAM when i purchased it. So when you get this laptop make sure you buy at-least another 2GB of RAM. It only costs around 700 bucks. 320GB HDD is hmm so-so. So i didn't upgrade it. Now coming to the main part, Processor: It goes by the name of Llano and is an excellent processor for Gaming and HD videos. And let me tell you, the Processor is amazing!! This Laptop doesn't heat up even while operating for long hours, and the battery stays on longer. The secret behind this is the Processor runs at only 0.8Ghz(800Mhz) when you are just browsing, typing word documents, listening to songs, or any tasks which do not require much processor power. So the processor adjusts its speed according to the task you are doing. This not only saves battery power, but also prolongs the life of your laptop as heating is the single most reason why electronic components fail. When playing high demanding games its speed becomes 2Ghz automatically. I haven't experienced it yet but a friend of mine who plays Battlefield 3 says that it shoots up to even 2.5Ghz when playing that game. Graphic Cards: One of the most unique feature of this laptop has is 2, yes.. TWO graphic cards. One onboard(512Mb shared), and one dedicated(1 GB dedicated memory). And the most awesome thing is you can get to choose which tasks require which graphics cards manually. Onboard graphic card(6480G) is a "power saver" card as well which consumes less watts than the 1Gb dedicated card(7450M). I made the entire windows, and most of the programs run on the 512MB onboard graphic card, while graphic intensive programs like video players, and games, i diverted to the Dedicated "High performance" Card. And here comes the good part, some games (DirectX 10 and DirectX 11) can utilise both the cards simultaneously. So for those games you will have the power of 2 cards working simultaneously called the CrossFire Mode! For Games released under Directx 9, game companies have released a patch for it to run in Direct x 10/11. Get it and run your old DirectX 9 games in Dx10/11 mode and enjoy the power of 2 cards simultaneously. Or else you can only run games in only one of the cards of your choosing. Now coming to video playback: I ran a 1080p(yup a p, not 1080i which is a less advanced format) video on VLC player(people who know VLC player know how processor/graphic intensive it is) and to my amazement the processor speed didnt reach 2ghz. It was only oscillating between 800Mhz and 1400Mhz. So I upped a notch and opened another 1080p video in VLC, and only then did it reach 2Ghz. That's because I assigned VLC player to the dedicated Graphic card and that card took most of the processing away from the main processor. And it handled 2 HD videos without any stuttering and played it flawlessly. Now amazed at this, I opened a third 1080p video, but this time i didn't open it in opened it VLC player, instead i opened it in another video player(MPC) and assigned that player to the onboard graphic card, not the dedicated one. So what happened? It played flawlessly! :D Goes to show the raw processing and multitasking power of the processor and graphic cards. Unfortunately i only have 3 1080p videos with me and didn't go beyond that. All this with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (Aero), desktop gadgets and Eset Antivirus running in the background. I love this laptop! :D

  • Awesome Laptop for it's price (PART 2)
    Sathish on | 01-02-2013

    Part 2 Now to Ports, Connectivity and Display: Display is awesome and vibrant.. no complaints there. And Ports, as you can see on the specs given by flipkart, it has a lot of Ports and Memory card readers. Plus the Wifi and Bluetooth all works flawlessly. Some comments here described problems with bluetooth, but it worked perfectly for me. Just head to HP website, search for the product name(G6-1318ax) and install Atheros BlueTooth driver. HP also gives some 3-4 other blue tooth drives, but dont install that. Install only Atheros. Speakers are ok, but i dont like laptop speakers in general. I have seen speakers even in 60K laptops but they sound like shit to an Audiophile like me. For me headphones are always the way to go. Someone also mentioned that he got a Samsung NP305E5Z-S01IN Laptop, and says that it has a better graphic card 7470M. Well all i have got to say is that, he got cheated. That Samsung model only has 6470M graphic card, which is a better graphic card than 6480G but is an INFERIOR graphic card than the 7450M. When 7450M and 6480G are combined in the Crossfire mode, then it is no where close. But it has a higher RAM and Harddisk, but like i mentioned before, those are upgradable items. That Samsung model is priced 24k. I think the shop where he bought it from, they must have confused it with Samsung NP355E5C-S01IN which has the 7470M Graphic Card. This Graphic Card is slightly superior to 7450M and almost matches the Crossfire combination. However this model doesn't have the AMD A4 Series Llano processor. It has an AMD E2 series which is less advanced and also has a slower clock speed of 1.7Ghz(compared to 2Ghz normal and 2.5Ghz turbo of A4 Llano). So it will be good while gaming(including Dx9 without patching, unlike Crossfire), but bad at multitasking. The 7470M does have only 512MB of memory, while the Crossfire combination can gather 1.5GB, but if you know Graphic cards like I do, a Graphic card's processing capability doesn't depend only on the amount of memory it has. Pixel shaders, Vertex shaders, memory speed, clock speed are also some of the factors which will determine the power of a graphic card. Plus crossfire has micro-stuttering issues, but it's largely unnoticeable if you ask me. So 7470M can almost match the performance of Crossfire eventhough it has less memory, but due to the laptop's processor, it doesn't look much attractive if you ask me. This model's price is a little over 26k. Price: :-/ I made a mistake. This laptop was out of stock in flipkart 2 weeks ago. So i went and bought it for 24800Rs from a store. Now after 2 weeks it is in stock and only 23000Rs. F**KKKK!!.. what luck!!!! 1800 bucks gone. sigh.. Along with the extra 4GB RAM i bought for 1200 Rs, this laptop costed me 26000Rs exactly. Buy it from flipkart, you can get it for 23700Rs for 2GB additional RAM, or 24400Rs for 4GB additional RAM, and you could save 1600Rs compared to my purchase. Ofcourse this laptop comes with only DOS operating system. So you have to get one yourself obviously. I don't like Linux and I don't like giving money to Microsoft, so i did the obvious. :P Hope you liked the review. In short, if you're a semi-hardcore gamer and someone who likes to watch High Definition 1080i and 1080p videos flawlessly, go for this laptop without thinking twice. If you're only interested in browsing, creating word documents, playing minesweeper and watching youtube vids, but still have 25k to spend, get some craptop around 17k and give the rest of the money to good deeds/charity. That's it.. I'm outta here! ^^ PS: BTW, my laptop model had A-4 3320M processor, which is more advanced than the 3305M. Maybe that's why it was a bit more costly?

  • No heating problem
    Praveen Chukka on | 01-11-2012

    Under Linux Debian distro, require to install AMD Catalyst Centre, to do that find and remove fglrx-amdccle and download from AMD website amd-driver-installer-catalyst-12.10-x86.x86_64. This solves the heating problem. Overall the product is gud, yet to test performance on windows. Cons 2 gb ram, available 1.5 gb, has .5 gb used for graphics 320 gb hard disk Plan looking, no design aesthetics

  • Amazing Laptop
    Rakesh Lahori on | 01-10-2012

    I was using HP dv6 Model with a core i5 processor and 6gb ram and 1gb graphic card. I bought HP G6 model for my wife. I found the performance of G6 better than my dv6 Model. With 1.9Ghz Processor boostable to 2.5Ghz, 2GB RAM (I upgraded to 6GB RAM buy buying an additional 4GB RAM from Flipkart @ 977Rs), 1.5GB Graphic Card I think it has a rock solid configuration. The only thing I miss is Original Windows preinstalled. But @ Rs.23500/- rate, I think it will fulfill all your requirements. A Perfect Laptop for a Gaming as well as a Normal User. I recommend to buy an additional 4GB RAM 1333 Mhz from Flipkart with warranty.

  • Good Laptop for Daily use
    Manish Kevre on | 01-10-2012

    Pros 1.Good for home usage Plays HD 1080P movies. 2.You can play mid graphic games(not for gamer standards). 3.Via HDMI port you can play games and movies on your HD T.Vs for big experience. 4.Touch-pad is really cool with multi-touch support. 5.Some may worry about buying AMD processor based laptops, believe me they are not far from Intel, AMD gives 50% cheaper processors that matches there Intel competitors. Go for AMD 6.Screen size is Big, Bright display. 7. Carry bag is Good. Cons 1.Heating Problem in Linux Ubuntu- Ubuntu 12.04 is making laptop hot in about 2 hours, possible reason is Dual switchable graphics.However AMD provides driver support for Linux 64/32 bit. 2.Low quality - It has plastic body can get heavy damage if fallen accidentally. Click of touch pad can loose as you use it. 3. '2 Gb' ram is not enough, you have to extend your ram to 4Gb at least. RESULT : Good To Buy Laptop At This Price.

  • Attention!!! Difficult to install windows XP
    Shreeramakrishnan Iyer on | 01-09-2012

    Hi, Please note that one cannot install windows XP in this laptop without integrating a special AMD SATA AHCI driver into windows XP intallation. Hence, people thinking of running XP instead of Win7 are advised to think twice. Laptop is a value for money. Performs great after adding a 4gb ddr3 Ram. Great gaming experience!!! Runs Flight simulator, Rise of nations, Hitman, Need for speed, Most wanted smoooooothly....... Regards, S.R.Iyer

  • Good Laptop and Good Looking Too...
    Koustav Ghosh on | 01-08-2012

    The laptop is good enough for the price range. better than core i3 for sure. I have used this laptop for about 2 weeks now and haven't seen any lag so far using Win 7 Pro. 64 Bit. The drivers were not given with the laptop and had to be downloaded from HP's website, that's not a big deal. The keyboard is not among the best but ok for normal use. The sound of this system is bit low to me.... despite the altec lansing brand i find the speakers are not loud enough for watching movies. Everything is going fine so far with this lappy except for sure the nagging fact that's hurting me presently.... That's the price drop!! 2 weeks ago i got it for 25.8k and now it's having the price tag of 23.8k!!! Why the hell this earth is so unfair to me??? :(

  • Better than any Core i3..! this machine has 1.5GB DEDICATED graphics..
    Srinivas M Reddy on | 01-07-2012

    this laptop has a AMD APU- A4 processor which is compared with Intel's Core i3.. at less than 26,000 it comes with everything you need: -faster CPU with 1.9Ghz base clock speed & Turbocore speed upto 2.5Ghz -2GB RAM upgradable upto 8GB -320GB Hardisk -15.6" HD LED Screen -1.5GB dedicated Graphics -Superior Battery backup upto 5Hrs play any games, run full HD videos, upload/download HD Games/Photos/Videos totally a high capable multitasking Laptop..!

  • Hit and Miss...
    Chris Mathews on | 01-06-2012

    This can be the best low end graphics laptop had it came with the latest trinity dual core...instead it has the Liano family CPU. However the Radeon 7450M + Radeon 6480G lends it some desirability...Good if you're short on cash.

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