Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2 with 50.5-inch 4K+ display

Following the success of the original digital whiteboard, Microsoft's new Surface Hub 2 features rotating display, multi-user sign in, and 'Tiling'.

Published Date
17 - May - 2018
| Last Updated
17 - May - 2018
Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2 with 50.5-inch 4K+ display

Microsoft has launched the Surface Hub 2, an interactive digital whiteboard that will allow teams from various locations in the world to create virtual teamwork spaces and collaborate on projects easily. The Surface Hub 2 features a 50.5-inch 4K+ multi-touch display, on which multiple users can draw and write at the same time. Combining the abilities of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office 365, Windows 10, and the cloud, it will allow multiple users to be signed in concurrently with their documents and ideas open in one single place.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 includes the ability to use the device in either landscape or portrait mode by rotating the entire display. It also comes with 4K cameras, integrated speakers, and far field mic arrays. It also features the ability to be placed and connected together with other Surface Hub 2s to create one large canvas, a move Microsoft calls ‘Tiling’. Up to four Hubs can be tiled at a time.

Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer at Microsoft remarked in a recent blog post that Tiling was one of his most favourite features on the new Hub. Elaborating his liking for the feature, he wrote, “Seeing four of the beautiful Surface Hub 2s lined up together not only makes an undeniable visual impact, it can also have a profound impact on what groups can accomplish together, allowing users to display multiple pieces of content side-by-side. Imagine how much your team could get done being able to work simultaneously across Microsoft Whiteboard, PowerBI, PowerPoint and a full-view video call.”

Microsoft has collaborated with Steelcase, the American workplace furniture manufacturer, to complement the Hub 2 with rolling stands and easy-to-use mounts. These should help users move the device across the office floor easily.

“We’ve sold to more than 5000 customers across 25 markets. Over half of Fortune 100 companies have purchased Surface Hubs to improve team’s efficiency and how they collaborate – breaking down barriers and creating real business value.” Panay added in his blog post.

Microsoft will begin testing the Surface Hub 2 with select commercial customers this year and make it available for purchase in 2019.

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