Videocon Mobile removes roaming charges on incoming calls

Videocon Mobile subscribers now don't need to pay for roaming charges on incoming calls. Roaming incoming calls are now free from the mobile service provider.

Published Date
21 - Mar - 2013
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21 - Mar - 2013
Videocon Mobile removes roaming charges on incoming calls

Videocon Mobile has removed roaming charges on incoming calls, previously charged to customers when they enter a different state and wish to use their mobile phone to receive calls. Videocon is one of the service providers to take on the 'One Nation, Free Roaming' Act, under the National Telecom Policy 2012.

Speaking with the Times of India, Arvind Bali, director and CEO, Videocon Mobile Services said, "We aim at being a country free of any physical or geographical boundaries, and in pursuance of the visionary recommendations as underlined in the National Telecom Policy 2012, we reiterate our commitment towards 'One Nation - Free Roaming'. To extend the benefits of freedom of movement across our network, we have introduced this offering where our subscribers roaming across Videocon Network will stand to benefit from free incoming calls. There are no strings attached to the proposition, no STVs/recharges required."

Just because Videocon mobile has removed the roaming charges for incoming, it doesn’t mean that all call charges are the same as local. For customers who are on a roaming network, they will need to pay Re.1 per minute for local outgoing calls, and Rs. 1.5 per minute for an STD outgoing call. Local as well as STD SMS charges under roaming will be Rs. 3.45 per SMS. If you wish to access data on the go while roaming, users will have the shell out 10 paise per 10KB of data consumed.

Videocon Mobile has its presence in seven circles – Punjab, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh East and West. The free incoming on roaming will be available to consumers with immediate effect and without any added costs.

Aircel had launched a similar initiative back in January but users had to get a special recharge voucher to avail the service.

Source: TOI

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