Top five smartphones under Rs. 15,000 (up to May 2013)

If you are in the market looking for a budget smartphone with price tag under Rs. 15,000, here are some options that you should definitely consider before making your purchasing decision.

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02 - May - 2013
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02 - May - 2013
Top five smartphones under Rs. 15,000 (up to May 2013)

Here, we list for you the best smartphones in India under the Rs. 15,000 price point. Rs. 15,000 is the sweet spot if you are in the market looking for a device that can give you a smartphone experience and not die on you every few minutes. For this price point today, you can get a smartphone that boasts of some impressive power under the hood as well as a decent build. But, to maintain the price point, these smartphones compromise on certain factors. Some may have great performance but a lackluster camera. Some may have a great camera but a shoddy build, so on and so forth.

Nevertheless, most of these problems are just nitpicking in the hopes to find the ideal budget smartphone. For today’s list of the best smartphones in India under Rs. 15,000, we have a mix of Windows Phone and Android. Some devices boast of quad-core processor, others boast of a great camera and simple interface.

So, without further delay, here are five of the best smartphones in India, devices you should check out if you have a budget of Rs. 15,000.

1. Micromax A116 Canvas HD
Considered the most popular smartphone in the budget market, the Micromax A116 Canvas HD was the first device to launch in India that boasted of a quad-core processor and a 720p HD display. The display of the smartphone is vibrant and beautiful. It also boasts of dual-SIM capabilities. If you are someone who needs a powerful budget device to be able to effectively tinker with Android, add custom ROM’s, etc., then this is the smartphone for you. The layman user who wishes to have access to apps and a simple interface can also use it.

The Canvas HDWhere to buy 299 also has a nice curvy design which distinguishes it from the other 5-inch smartphones available in the market. For Rs. 14,500 the smartphone is definitely worth considering.

2. Nokia Lumia 620
The Lumia 620 is priced just right to showcase a bunch of features that make it one of the most desirable mid-range smartphone. For the price you pay, you get a smartphone that is extremely well-built. Nokia has built a phone that both looks and feels premium thanks to the high quality plastics used in its body. The 620’s 3.8-inch display feels small in an era dominated by the 4.5-inch or higher screen size devices, but it is ideal for those that want a device that works well with single hand use and can slide into the smallest of pockets. The Lumia 620 also has an impressive camera especially when compared to the other devices on this list. The interface of the smartphone too is very smooth and lag is something you will never see.

For Rs. 14,230 the Lumia 620 is ideal for those that want a smartphone experience and want to stay clear of Android. It runs on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS.

3. Xolo Q800Where to buy 11800
The best thing about the Xolo Q800 is that it brings together a whole bunch of premium features in a package priced under Rs. 15,000. The Q800 has the same quad-core processor as the Canvas HD clocked at 1.2GHz and 1GB of RAM. It offers 4GB of built-in storage expandable via microSD cards up to 32GB. The Q800 has a very good 4.5-inch IPS display and an 8MP camera with a BSI (Backside Illumination) sensor that improves low-light photography. The size and quality of the display makes the Q800 well suited for watching movies and even videos.

If you want a powerful smartphone under the Rs. 15,000 price point and a 5-inch display is too big for you, then the Xolo Q800Where to buy 11800 is a very good buy for Rs. 12,500.

4. Karbonn Smart Titanium S5
The Karbonn Titanium S5 is priced at Rs. 11,990. For the price you pay, you get a 4-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, and 1GB RAM. It is one of the smartphones that runs on the Qualcomm quad-core chipset instead of the MediaTek one found on the Canvas HD and the Q800. It also supports dual-SIM capabilities (3G 2G). The rear of the smartphone has an 8MP camera and the front has a 2MP camera for video calling.

The only downside to the Karbonn Smart Titanium S5 is that of the 4GB built-in storage, 1.4GB is user accessible. For mode storage, you will need a MicroSD card. The 2000mAh battery shows the potential to last users through the day.

5. Xolo A1000Where to buy 4500
Priced at Rs. 13,999 the Xolo A1000 has a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. Its display is one of the best in its price range (5-inch IPS 1280x720 pixels), which is great for consuming multimedia content, and the IPS panel helps with the viewing angles and deeper blacks. The rear has a BSI 8MP camera and the front has 1.2MP camera for video calling.

The Xolo A1000Where to buy 4500 may have a simple form factor but it is very comfortable to hold with one hand. The A1000 also shows off dual-SIM capabilities.

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