Tim Cook may be testing glucose tracker that connects to Apple Watch

The Apple CEO was reportedly spotted wearing the device at the company's campus and the device is tipped to be a "must have" for anyone suffering, or at risk of diabetes

Published Date
19 - May - 2017
| Last Updated
19 - May - 2017
Tim Cook may be testing glucose tracker that connects to Apple Wa...

Apple maybe testing a new device can continuously monitor blood sugar levels. According to a report by CNBC, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook was spotted at Apple’s campus wearing the device, which was connected to his Apple Watch. Sources told the publication that Cook was wearing a prototype glucose-tracker on the Apple Watch and that it points to future applications that would make the device a “must have” for those either suffering from diabetes, or at risk of the disease.

The report also notes that Cook talked about the device with students at the University of Glasgow back in February this year. "I've been wearing a continuous glucose monitor for a few weeks," he said. "I just took it off before coming on this trip." He did not mention if he was talking about a medical device from some other company or an Apple prototype.

Last month, it was reported that Apple was working on a secret project to monitor diabetic patients via sensors. The company was said to have hired a group of biomedical researchers to work on the project, which would non-invasively and continuously monitor blood sugar levels in order to treat diabetes. Apple was reportedly conducting feasibility trials at clinical sites across the Bay Area, and has hired consultants to help figure out regulations. 

In an interview with The Telegraph in 2015, Tim Cook had expressed his interest in creating a medical device. While noting that the apple watchWhere to buy 1360 1999 2499 would not become a medical device, he said that he wouldn’t mind releasing something adjacent to the Watch.

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