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Sony Xperia SP
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aryaman sinha
Jan 19, 2015
Sony Xperia SPnot so xperia thingy

It gives you the looks of xperia but lags in performance.It has a poor battery life, a grainy camera(even though it is 8 megapixel both rear and front),it has a 1.5 GHz processor still it hangs and is very slow.The camera has many good but useless features such as info eye which gives you the information of the monument you clicked,but it is very inaccurate. and picture effect(you guys know what it is)It has a good body with an interesting feature that it has a small transparent plastic area on the bottom of the phone which glows whenever there is a message,notification,call or any other important things.It glows in different colors for different notification(which you can change)Overall not a phone for anyone who likes a smooth-running phone but for a person who cares for design .

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