Sony to reveal JB update schedule this month; Xperia P, U, go and sola get software update

Published Date
04 - Dec - 2012
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04 - Dec - 2012
Sony to reveal JB update schedule this month; Xperia P, U, go and...

Sony has announced that it will roll out the schedule for its Jelly Bean update for its smartphones later this month. Sony has also announced that an Ice Cream Sandwich update is available for the Xperia P, U, go and sola smartphones.  

The official Twitter page of Sony Xperia news reads, “Hey - s/w update is ICS firmware for Xperia U. Official update on Jelly Bean plans in mid-December at  ^KP”

The Xperia T, TX, V, S, acro S, ion, P, go and J are all the smartphones from Sony’s stabled that are expected to receive the jelly beanWhere to buy 1999 1999 2199 update. Sony launched all these smartphones in 2012. Phones that were launched in 2011 will not be eligible to get the latest flavor of Android.

GSMArena says, “The Xperia T, TX and V will get the update in mid-Q1 2013.” The update will come around the same time that MWC happens i.e., February 2013. It's a little disappointing to see that some of Sony’s flagship smartphones launched without running jelly beanWhere to buy 1999 1999 2199 straight out of the box.  

On its official blog, Sony says, “We’ve started rolling out a new software update for Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia go and Xperia sola that brings bug fixes and performance tweaks. The Ice Cream Sandwich firmware includes improvements to: stability, WiFi, tethering/portable hotspot, camera (capture and playback), NFC and Messaging.

All Xperia P users will get a notification when the upgrade is ready, but direct availability in the phone may vary across different markets and carriers. For xperia uWhere to buy 8901, Xperia go and Xperia Sola users – if you’ve already upgraded to ICS, you’ll receive a notification in your phone and be able to download it over-the-air. For those guys on Gingerbread, you’ll need to plug in and upgrade using PC Companion or Bridge for Mac.”


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