OPPO F7: The power of AI in the palm of your hand

The AI in the OPPO F7 can do more than just help you take better selfies.

Published Date
16 - Apr - 2018
| Last Updated
17 - Apr - 2018
OPPO F7: The power of AI in the palm of your hand

OPPO has been helping users take their selfie game to the next level for quite some time. With the OPPO F3, the company made the art of taking group selfies that much easier. The phone featured a secondary front camera that sported a wide-angle lens. With its follow up, the OPPO F5, the company brought the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world of selfies. Through AI Beauty Technology, the phone was able to automatically tweak the photo based on various facial features and accentuates them. With its newest smartphone, the OPPO F7, the company is taking this AI technology to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at some of the AI centric features of the OPPO F7.

One of the main differences between the AI Beauty Technology on the OPPO F7 and the OPPO F5 is in the number of positioning points that the system can track. While the OPPO F5 could track an impressive 256 points, the OPPO F7 tops that by tracking 296 points. The next generation of AI Beauty Technology in the new phone is also capable of of tracking points in the pupil and the forehead. It is capable of recognising the user’s sex, age, skin colour, as well as skin tone/condition. In fact, it can also recognise a user’s arm and neck. Only then does it start working on beautification. 

Speaking of beautification, the new beautification solution in the OPPO F7 is able to beautify each of the facial features individually as opposed to a blanket beautification on the entire face. Further, the feature is also able to differentiate between male and female faces and make additions accordingly. For males, it will not add blush, or lipstick. It will also control the amount of brightness, face slimming and freckle reduction given to each image.

The beautification treatment offered by the OPPO F7 doesn’t stop at individuals. It can also work its magic with multiple people. The smartphone is able to differentiate between different people in a single picture and apply beautification individually. In fact, the phone is able to support up to four people in a single picture.

The AI in the OPPO F7 isn’t just limited to selfies. The phone is also able to recognise between various scenes and and then make adjustments to the brightness, exposure, colour, and contrast as needed. The phone is able to recognise up to 16 different scenes. These include sunset, sky, food, cat, baby, dog, night and more.

The AI in the OPPO F7 isn’t limited to just the camera app. It also works its way down to other parts of the phone, specifically the album. While most users are able to edit images in the album, the OPPO F7 learns the users’ editing preferences and then applies the same when they are taking a selfie. The AI is also able to sort between the photos you take, and arrange them based on people, places, holidays and location. 

The OPPO F7 also comes with a bunch of cool features that go beyond the camera and the AI. One of the most prominent is the 6.23” Super Full Screen display that has a resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels. The phone also sports a 19:9 aspect ratio, which helps to ensure that users find it easy to carry and user the phone, even though it has such a large screen. In fact, OPPO says that the body of the phone is smaller than the a 5.5” device that sports a traditional 16:9 display aspect ratio. 

If that wasn’t enough, the OPPO F7 also features a glossy unibody design that is sure to turn heads. The device is available in three variants, namely Solar Red, Moonlight Silver and Diamond Black. The Diamond Black variant is especially striking to look at due to its unique design.

As one can see, the introduction of AI in the OPPO F7 is not a gimmick. It offers real-world uses which actually affect the use and offer an improved experience when using the smartphone. Not only that, but the phone also comes with a bunch of other features to make it a very compelling purchase not only for selfies lovers, but to those looking for a good smartphone in general.


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