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Devanshu Mehta
Nov 2, 2018


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Jim Heide
Feb 6, 2019
As a First time Oneplus Owner, I'll never go back to Samsung.

The facial recognition on this phone is super fast and very accurate. Although this site lists the camera as 16+20 on the back, it is actually 20+20 with a 16 in the front. That is reported in the About phone in the OS. The pictures are awesome and the video is very smooth. There are stereo speakers in the phone that rival some bluetooth speakers. The fast charge takes about a half an hour. I use google auto which leaves teh screen on while navigating and I still can drive all day and not deplete the charge on this phone. The in-screen fingerprint reader is super fast and super accurate and just plain awesome. OxygenOS is pretty slick as well, they have provided some nice enhancements. The phone also supports multiple users, each user has their own profile, contacts apps etc.

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Hajee Ali
Feb 14, 2019
SAR value

This specific model in oneplus has the high SAR value upto 1.58 W/KG , this can affect the human tissue and even causes cancer. So don’t buy cheap phones, and check the SAR value before you buy an smart phone !!

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