Nokia Lumia EOS, 720 and 520 surface again ahead of MWC 2013

Just a few days to go till the Mobile World Congress, and it would seem like four new Lumia phones have been discovered in the wild, two we've heard of before, and two of them are unknown. Excitement builds up.

Published Date
18 - Feb - 2013
| Last Updated
18 - Feb - 2013
Nokia Lumia EOS, 720 and 520 surface again ahead of MWC 2013

Alan Mendelevich, a man who runs Adduplex, an ad network on a large number of Windows Phone apps, has tweeted some interesting findings taking a look at his logs.

Apparently he has found four new, unknown Nokia Windows Phone running on the Verizon network in the USA. According to his tweet, the phones only show up as code, so we can assume these are yet unannounced devices.

Club that up with the brazen announcement Nokia plans on making on the 25th of February and we can surely ascertain a link.


The four devices are the Nokia Lumia 520 (RM-914, Nokia Lumia 720 (RM-885) and two not yet known phones codenamed RM-887 and RM-860. We already know about the Nokia Lumia 520Where to buy 499 and 720 thanks to an earlier leak by an Indonesian Certification check. However, the other two phones do come as a surprise. We could speculate that RM-887 and RM-860 are two seemingly high-end Lumia devices, with one potentially being the rumoured and much fantasized about Lumia 1000 (Nokia Lumia EOS).

The Nokia Lumia EOS is rumoured to be the third stage of the PureView cycle where Nokia combines the 41-megapixel sensor of the PureView808 with the optical image stabilization system of the Lumia 920 to deliver an imaging experience never before seen in a camera phone. The other rumour speaks of a phone that will replace the current Nokia Lumia 920. Codenamed Catwalk, the 920’s replacement is said to be made of aluminium to make it much lighter and allegedly much thinner.

We now know that Nokia does have more up its sleeve than what we previously thought it had, but the question is, is it aces or just duds? We know that Nokia will announce the Lumia 720 and 520, two budget Windows Phone 8 devices, but wil they also accompany that with two high end devices?

Swapnil MathurSwapnil Mathur