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Ravi Arvind Rathod
Sept 1, 2014
Moto with the best G i.e Great

One can buy this smarty as it has too good features and also available in the budget of a cxommon man . A great smarty developed by moto i must say .

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Nazimuddin Ahmed
Sept 19, 2014
moto g my best android experience

Well Motorola with Google has delivered the best product as far the specs of moto g is concerned. But camera quality is not that great although it does well in natural light. It does not lag much though at times a bit staterring is noticed. Heavy gaming is child\'s play but sometimes phone does get heated up a bit in case of heavy continue use which is yet negligible. Overall moto g scores over other mid range phones of same price tag.

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Kunal Pachori
Sept 22, 2014
PerformanceBuster,Awesome to the core.

Moto G may be one in a dozen phones under 13k who can beat phones above 20k the so called \"GIants\" like samsung and sony.younger brother to nexus 4.G for Generation:Performance

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