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For LG G6

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Ramkumar R
May 5, 2017

gave only 76 marks from digit surprised me, doubted in your review digit.

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rubel sareen
Aug 20, 2017
The Unsung Hero

I wanted to exchange my year old Galaxy S7 for something much bigger . Not something too big , but something which is comfortable in hand still rock a decent display. Also i had a limited budget of 35k+-. The g6 ticked all the boxes . The build is very premium with the chunky metal sides and the glass panels in both front and back. The display is a stunner , one of the best after the Galaxy s8/s8+ . So far im impressed with the performance of this device. After applying the nova launcher this phone just flies. The battery life is decent as well. Gives me a on screen time of 4 hours 30 minutes approx. If youre an audiophile and love shooting videos and photos this device is the one you should getr . The photos are crisp and the wide angle shoots pictures no other device can. Life's Good ;)

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