HTC Exodus is a blockchain-based phone slated to launch in Q3 this year: Report

HTC has reportedly confirmed the existence of its blockchain-based smartphone and a website dedicated to it has also gone live.

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11 - Jul - 2018
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11 - Jul - 2018
HTC Exodus is a blockchain-based phone slated to launch in Q3 thi...

HTC is facing troubled waters as it recently announced layoff of over 1500 employees. However, the company has not shut shop just yet and as per a TechCrunch report, HTC is working on ‘Exodus’, which is said to be the “world’s first major blockchain phone.” The company has not said much about the device till now but at an event this week, it revealed that the phone will be revealed sometime in Q3, 2018. Ahead of the launch, the HTC is also teaming up with a blockchain-based title called CryptoKitties, which is the “world’s biggest game to be built on blockchain technology.” The game will be available on some of the company’s devices starting with the U12+. 

HTC’s chief crypto officer, which is apparently a real position in the company, said, “In the new internet age people are generally more conscious about their data, this a perfect opportunity to empower the user to start owning their digital identity. The Exodus is a great place to start because the phone is the most personal device, and it is also the place where all your data originates from. I’m excited about the opportunity it brings to decentralize the internet and reshape it for the modern user.” 

The company said, via TechCrunch, “This is a significant first step in creating a platform and distribution channel for creatives who make unique digital goods. Mobile is the most prevalent device in the history of humankind and for digital assets and dapps to reach their potential, mobile will need to be the main point of distribution. The partnership with Cryptokitties is the beginning of a non-fungible, collectible marketplace and crypto gaming app store.”

HTC has promised to share some more information on the blockchain phone in the coming months. Meanwhile, the website dedicated to the device has gone live and it states that Exodus is “The first cold wallet phone with key recovery.” 

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