Coming soon: A converged mobile and landline directory

Published Date
29 - Jul - 2009
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29 - Jul - 2009
Coming soon: A converged mobile and landline directory
Remember those three big, fat books with the names and phone numbers of thousands of people that MTNL used to dutifully send out every year? The phone directory has almost become extinct in the modern age of the cell phone. And the latter, for some reason, does not have a directory of its own. Well, if the Department of Telecom has its way, all that is about to change!
The DoT has approved the National Integrated Directory Services (NIDQS) for mobile and landline phones, putting them together into one directory.
The big change, however, is that instead of those thick hard copies, the directory will be accessible via Internet, SMS and over phone by dialing a-5 digit number which will guide user in searching a particular number, WATBlog reports.
Furthering one’s privacy, the directory will include numbers of all the people who have not opted-out of registering their landline numbers, and those who have opted-in to register their mobile numbers.
WatBlog also states that only one provider will be providing the directory services all over India via the SMS, Web site and voice response system; and the tariff for the same will be decided by the provider.
Obviously, such a provider stands to make huge amounts of profits from this service. A government rule to have one telecom operator? Hark, do we hear BSNL and MTNL knocking on those sarkari doors?
Sources: UTVi, WatBlog
Image credit: Magic Carpet Mobile

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