Cisco report: Indian Gen Y obsessively connected to smartphone

Published Date
14 - Dec - 2012
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14 - Dec - 2012
Cisco report: Indian Gen Y obsessively connected to smartphone

Cisco just announced findings from their Connected World Technology Report 2012, which analyzes the technology habits of Gen Y. The survey points toward Gen Y’s need to almost obsessive compulsively interact with their laptops, smartphones and tablets. The Cisco report also labels IT professionals to be the most connected to their smart devices, apart from the rest of the workforce.

An annual survey conducted in several countries around the world which tries to point towards emerging global digital trends, this is the third such Cisco Connected World Technology Report or CCWTR to point at interesting global technology trends, especially about Gen Y.

The survey was conducted by InsightExpress of 1,800 college students and young professionals aged 18 to 30, across 18 countries, Cisco said. The report examines how Generation Y uses the Internet and mobile devices to connect with the world around them. Let’s look at the findings in greater detail.

Connected or addicted?

India ranks ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to their Gen Y’s addiction to technology and smart devices. While globally, 60 per cent of Gen Y subconsciously or compulsively checking their smartphones for emails, texts or social media updates, 70 per cent of respondents in India compulsively check their smartphones for updates. Of those, 42 per cent said they would feel anxious if they couldn't check their smartphones and 71 per cent wish they didn’t feel so compelled, but they like to stay connected.

The Cisco survey claims that 9 of 10 respondents globally get dressed, brush their teeth, and check their smartphones as part of their morning ritual. In India, the number is higher: 96 percent of those who have smartphones will check for updates as part of the morning routine.

The survey also states that women (85 per cent) are more addicted to compulsively checking their smartphones for updates than men (63 per cent).

The importance of apps
Nearly 84 percent of the Gen Y respondents in India said mobile applications are important to their daily lives compared to the global average of 70 percent. More than half (62 percent) respondents from India said they mainly use mobile applications for games and entertainment, while 33 percent of them mainly use them for work.

When asked the number of apps they use, 64 per cent of the Cisco survey respondents from India claimed to use fewer than 10 smartphone apps regularly and 32 percent of respondents use 10 to 25 apps regularly.

Gen Y’s online shopping habits

  • Nine out of 10 Gen Y respondents surveyed globally said they engage in online shopping. While in India, 84 per cent of respondents shop online.
  • Nearly three out of five (58 per cent) report they regularly rely on customer reviews when deciding on online purchases; an additional 28 percent consult online reviews occasionally. In India, a total of 93 per cent of respondents rely on customer reviews for online shopping.
  • 57 percent of Gen Y are willing to share their email address with stores and online sites in order to receive notices about discounts and sales. In India, the number is significantly higher at 93 percent, but they are wary of sharing much more than that – few are willing to share phone numbers, home address or other personal data.

Infographics say it best

If you want more country-specific data, check out Cisco’s interactive online infographic which throws more light on Gen Y’s views on technology, identity and privacy. You can also click on the following two infographics to further understand Gen Y’s views on smartphones and technology, in particular.

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