BlackBerry 10's multi-lingual keyboard to support Hindi typing soon: Report

BlackBerry 10 users will soon be able to type in different languages including Hindi.

Published Date
28 - Feb - 2013
| Last Updated
28 - Feb - 2013
BlackBerry 10's multi-lingual keyboard to support Hindi typing so...

In what is being considered as a move to woo the local customers, BlackBerry has revealed its newly launched BlackBerry 10 OS will soon add support for Hindi language on its virtual keyboard.

Firstpost quoting Vivek Bhardwaj, Global Head of the Software Portfolio for BlackBerry, in its report says the new BlackBerry 10 keyboard will support three languages that 'can be used on-the-fly' and can auto-correct all three at the same time. Users will have options to choose three from the 32 international languages available for the virtual keyboard.

The BB10, unlike other mobile platforms, will allow users to change languages by just typing the words, rather going to the menu settings for each language. It's notable several smartphones only support only one language and have to go to settings to switch.

The Firstpost report points out, “Not that Hindi can’t be written in the Roman script (English) already. The keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10 needs just once to pick a word that’s not in the dictionary (say a term like ‘yaar’ which denotes close friend in Hindi) and soon enough will autocorrect to ‘yaar’ the next time you want to type that name.”

The BlackBerry official further disclosed that the APIs for the BlackBerry Hub will be rolled out later this year. The move will allow third-party developers to integrate their apps with the BlackBerry Hub.

BlackBerry hasn't left any stone unturned to popularise its new BlackBerry 10 operating system and the new flagship smartphone Z10 in India, which also happens to be one of its major markets. It's new BlackBerry 10 OS has had a major participation of the Indian developers.

According to a recent Economic Times report, the BB10 OS features applications developed by 57 companies housed within Kochi's Startup Village, an incubation centre backed by the Kerala government.