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By Digit Desk | അപ്‌ഡേറ്റ്‌ ചെയ്തു ഓൺ 12-May-2016
Market Status : DISCONTINUED
Expected Date: 02 May, 2016
Official Website : LeEco
9,999 Available at 2 Store
Digit Rating
77 out of 100
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User Rating
3.7 out of 5
Based on 10 Reviews
Market Status : DISCONTINUED
Expected Date : 02 May, 2016
Official Website : LeEco

Key Specs

  • Screen Size Screen Size
    5.5" (1080 x 1920)
  • Camera Camera
    13 | 5 MP
  • Memory Memory
    32 GB/3 GB
  • Battery Battery
    3000 mAh



Price : 9,999 (onwards) Available at 2 Store
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Digit Rating

Digit Rating

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LeEco Le 1s Eco Specifications

Basic Information
നിർമ്മാതാവ് : LeEco
മാതൃക : Le 1S Eco
Launch date (global) : 21-02-2017
Operating system : Android
OS version : 6.0
ടൈപ്പ് ചെയ്യുക : Smartphone
സ്റ്റാറ്റസ് : Available5
നിറങ്ങൾ : default
ഉത്പന്നത്തിന്റെ പേര് : LeEco Le 1S Eco
Screen size (in inches) : 5.5
Display technology : Full HD IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen
Screen resolution (in pixels) : 1080 x 1920
പിക്സൽ ഡെൻസിറ്റി (പി പി ഐ ) : 401
സ്ക്രാച്ച് പ്രതിരോധശക്തിയുണ്ട് ഗ്ലാസ് : Corning Gorilla Glass
പിൻ ക്യാമറ മെഗാപിക്സൽ : 13
ഫ്രണ്ട് ക്യാമറ മെഗാപിക്സൽ : 5
ഫ്രണ്ട് ക്യാമറ : Yes
എൽഇഡി ഫ്ലാഷ് : Yes
വീഡിയോ റെക്കോർഡിംഗ് : Yes
ജിയോ - ടാഗിംഗ് : N/A
ഡിജിറ്റൽ സൂം : N/A
ചിത്രമെടുക്കുന്നത് : Yes
ടച്ച് ഫോക്കസ് : Yes
ഫേസ് ഡിടെക്ഷൻ : N/A
എച്ച്ഡിആർ : Yes
പനോരമ മോഡ് : N/A
OIS : No
Phase Detection : No
Aperture (f stops) : 2.8
Laser focus AF : No
Battery capacity (mAh) : 3000
നീക്കംചെയ്യൽ ബാറ്ററി ( അതെ / അല്ല ) : No
Sensors And Features
മൾട്ടി ടച്ച് : Yes
ലൈറ്റ് സെൻസർ : Yes
സാമീപ്യ മാപിനി : Yes
ജി ( ഗ്രാവിറ്റി ) സെൻസർ : N/A
ഫിംഗർ പ്രിന്റ് സെൻസർ : Yes
വിന്യാസം സെൻസർ : No
ആക്സിലെറോമീറ്റർ : Yes
പരിധി : N/A
വായുമർദ്ദമാപിനി : No
മാഗ്നെറ്റോമീറ്റർ : No
ജൈറോസ്കോപ്പ് : No
പൊടി വെള്ളം പ്രതിരോധശേഷിയുള്ള : No
സിം : Dual
ത്രീ ജി പ്രാപ്തി : Yes
4 ജി പ്രാപ്തി : Yes
വൈഫൈ കാപബിലിട്ടി : Yes
വൈഫൈ ഹോട്ട് സ്പോട്ട് : Yes
ബ്ലൂടൂത്ത് : Yes
എൻഎഫ്സി : No
ജിപിഎസ് : Yes
ഡി എല് എൻ ഏ : No
ഹെച് ഡി എം ഐ : No
Technical Specifications
CPU : Helio X10
സിപിയു സ്പീഡ് : 2.2 GHz
Processor cores : Octa
റാം : 3 GB
GPU : Power VR G6200
സംഭരണം : 32 GB
മാറ്റാവുന്ന സംഭരണം ( അതെ അല്ലെങ്കിൽ അല്ല ) : No
മാറ്റാവുന്ന സ്റ്റോറേജ് ( പരമാവധി) : No

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LeEco Le 1s Eco Brief Description

LeEco Le 1s Eco Price in India updated on 9th Apr 2019

LeEco Le 1s Eco Price In India Starts From Rs. 9999 The best price of LeEco Le 1s Eco is Rs. 9999 on Flipkart, which is 30% less than the cost of LeEco Le 1s Eco on Amazon Rs.13000.This Mobile Phones is expected to be available in 32GB variant(s).

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User Review

Overall Rating
3.7/ 5
Based on 10 Rating
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  • 4 star


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  • 1 star


Based on 10 Rating

user review

  • Met some expectations
    KANNAN SRINIVASAN on Flipkart.com | 01-10-2016

    Product is good but heating is very big problem,

  • Delightful
    Ninad Rathod on Flipkart.com | 01-09-2016

    Writing this review after 2 months of use. I never wrote a review even though i shop online a lot, well le compelled me to do so now. First adressing the issue of heat: i have not found any considerable issue of heating (just when charging or playing games in direct sunlight on full brightness ). If u use the cover that comes with the handset, no issue at all. So people saying that there is a heating issue have obviously not used a uni metal body handset before and have minimal understanding of heat transfer works or are plain stupid. Camera: not disappointing in daylight, esp if used on 10mp mode. Ill just say this that my classmates have iphone 6s, zenfone, j7 moto g4 and yet its my phone that has all the group pictures and memories. (The auto beautify function in default camera charms the ladies ) Battrey life: could have been better. But after a whole day of worl I come home with 30% battrey still there. Mild gps and 3g. Gaming and ebook reading for 3 hrs on commute, music. But yes it charges pretty damn fast, one hour is enough i guess to have a full charge. I am still getting used to that fact that my phone charges 20% in the time (10mins) that i take to freshen up. Performance:welll in new condition i had 2gb ram left ... Easy. Now i get around 1.5 gb will all apps closed and with major apps open and aftermarket launcher around 900mb. Thats good really good... On high end games 700mb ram is left. I have never witnessed it drop below 500mb and below 1gb is rare. In simple terms no lag so far, just after reboot sometimes for 10sec till system loads. Build, finish, looks, reliability: no comments... People(people i know ofcourse) look at the cell and remove the grey cover to see it closely, and compliment on how nice it looks and the feel is premium. The only time the attention is lost is when you tell them its made in china... (People have poor quality reviews of Chinese products you know) I have nothing but praise for this handset. One feature that i loved is the notification light and the 3 touch button below the screen... They are completely invisible when off and only visible when the indicator glows. When its off ....smooth! And suddenly there is a green notification bling out of nowhere. Its cool. If i had ti name a few shortcomings 1) speakers look nice but they are one sided and are on bottom edge. So when playing games its kinda annoying to try not to block the speakers. 2)battrey drains fast, because its small... Duh! 3) infrared sensor is accessible only to the built in lr eco app and not 3rd party apps. But so far the in built app is enough. Tested on set top box remote, ac remote ... Even ganpati lighting remote, it works!!! 4) no android 6 so far. One another thing i liked it is... Its easily rootable... My personal preference 5 stars ....easy. Buy since many people want Android 6 and long battrey i am giving 4 stars....

  • Wonderful
    Yash Bais on Flipkart.com | 01-09-2016

    I didn't get the free headphones as advertised. Phone is great though. Cheers to future buyers

  • Delightful
    tarun kumar on Flipkart.com | 01-09-2016

    Do not buy ! 1) No customer care support in India 2) No updates are available.

  • Nice product
    Harshit Gupta on Flipkart.com | 01-09-2016

    Best phone but phone is heat

  • It is all about your choice and judgement
    Prateek Bhattacharya on Flipkart.com | 01-05-2016

    Okay, so a lot of issues were heard with the "phone getting hot" thing! Will come to it a bit later, but first the important technicalities - 1. The phone is powered with "1.85 GHz MediaTek Helio X10 Octa Core Processor", meaning - a lot of threading is going on inside with support from the 3GB RAM. This is one major point of hardware resource consumption (including battery) while delivering the performance. Yes, the pro here is the performance - but in expense of some heat. 2. About the camera - Guys, please use the "Camera" settings button here and change the mode to 10MP (16:9) for the back camera. Now, compare the pictures taken with the default 13MP (4:3) and with what I suggested above. Once you do, you'll automatically know what I mean. We also have some handy functions, like the "beauty" mode for the selfie lovers. Set the beauty mode to 5 and all your skin flaws are gone :D Overall, there are no issues with the camera - both indoors and outdoors. 3. The uni-body design is excellent and is made of aluminium (not so great conductor of heat). However, the metal will definitely yield some "hotness" while plugged in (basic physics) and equally gets cooled down even faster. Please don't complain about the heat - as it is a natural process in any uni-body metal phone. Check whether your phone is also cooling down at a faster rate. If it does, the phone is absolutely okay. 4. The touch and display is very good and watching HD videos is a charm. Yes, the fingerprint sensor can record up-to 5 profiles and the reader is quick. No complaints here also. 5. The Network coverage is okay and 4G worked really well. 6. The absence of external Storage will definitely be an issue in future. 7. Not sure how many of us will pay for the media content subscription in May'17. Most people won't be doing that for sure. Overall, the LeEco 1s Eco is definitely a good (if not the best) buy in this price segment. Now it is all about your choice and judgement.

  • For all out there writing a one, two and three star review.
    Jishak Kasparov on Flipkart.com | 01-05-2016

    You guys need to keep in mind that it is a budget smartphone. Just compare phones below 15k with it. Most of those phones also have the same heating issues and camera issues, In my personal opinion, LeEco has given a much better phone for this price. Another thing to keep in mind is that the body is crafted with aluminium, which is a good conductor of heat hence it ofcourse feels hot. I recommend you to use a phone case to resole that. It has an elegant colour, nice UI, but the UI seems to consume a lot of RAM, camera has to be handled properly to take good photos. The only thing I would want to tell users is, be realistic in your thinking you cant expect a 10k smartphone to work like a 20+k smartphone. Certainly not the best phone, but a good phone for the money you pay.

  • LeEco Le 1s Eco
    Soumen Das on Flipkart.com | 01-05-2016

    Point to point as flipkart has marketed http://www.flipkart.com/le-1seco?otracker=hp_banner_widget_1 Killer specs and disruptive price. Specs are relatively killing. But Price is not that low 9999 that is 1 less than 10000. Includes LeEco Membership. No use you will not be watching TV on a phone, coz it is a phone. I have never even queried about it. 10% cashback on HDFC debit and credit card. Have not received that, but will have it in next 60 days as HDFC TNC. 3GB RAM with loaded unnecessary Apps running. 32 GB ROM again unnecassar Apps build up space. 5 TB storage, you have to have that much of online data plan to store it and download it. Finger Print Scanner, not that much responsive as place in back. You hold it in face up and the scan happening at back of the phone, you don't know how your finger is being placed. Fast Charging Fast Charging along with fast discharging. Camera is very very poor, poor means a 5 MP front camera seems to produce image like old VGA camera phones, black and dull. Only pleasure of having it before someone else by registering in sale. My 10K could have given me something better

  • Please read for a minute
    Sudhakar R on Flipkart.com | 01-05-2016

    Hi all, I got his phone on 13/05/2016. Premium look and great features in it's cost. 1. I've seen many of the reviews says heating problem in this phone. Heating problem is there but not as the people wrote in reviews. Previously i use to have Sony Xperia TX, i feel the same heat while browsing, gaming and others. As of my sony mobile contains a plastic body we won't feel that heat. While coming to Le 1s Eco, it's made of metal(Aluminium) which is acts as good conductor of heat. So, the metal feels like hot. 2. Coming to camera, it's good camera in it's cost shouldn't expect more 3. The phone functioning is great! 4. Anyway flipkart providing free back cover for mobile, you can use that for not feeling heat while using mobile 5. Screen clarity is good with VIVID colours

  • Super Phone In This Price....
    harman preet on Flipkart.com | 01-05-2016

    i wanna say the phone is superb.. u are getting much more then what u r paying.. i just bought this with my hdfc card .. hope i will get my 10% cashback too.. Pros:- 1.) 3GB Ram.. 2.) 32GB Rom 3.) Xelio X10 Processor in 10k.. (HTC giving xelio x10 in 21k WTF) 4.) Awesome Look.. 5.) USB Type C Fast Charging. 6.) Supertainment Package Worth Rs 4900 As they Said.. 7.) Got Free Back Cover (still flipkart not shipped)... 8.) Fingerprint security... ETC Cons:- 1.) Boring Camera ..selfie + Rear both.. 2.) Heating (Not Like 1s) 3.) For Supertainment Package u have to wait till 24 may. 4.) 5.5 is not good for me.. i want compact size of 5'..(its for me .. idk what others prefer) 5.) Buggy UI.. This is My Review.. hope it help u..

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