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എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX

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By Digit Desk | അപ്‌ഡേറ്റ്‌ ചെയ്തു ഓൺ 09-Apr-2019
Market Status : LAUNCHED
Release Date : 10 Aug, 2013
Official Website : HP

Key Specifications

  • OS


    Windows 8 (64 bit)

  • Display


    15.6" (1920 x 1080)

  • Processor


    Intel Core i7 (4th generation) | 2.4 GHz With Turbo Boost Upto 3.4 GHz

  • Memory


    1 TB SATA/8GB DDR3

എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX Price in India: ₹ 81,500 (onwards) Available at Buy now on flipkart Store
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എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX Specs

Basic Information
Model name : Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX
Launch date (global) : 2013-08-10
ഓപ്പറേറ്റിംഗ് സിസ്റ്റം (പതിപ്പ് ഉപയോഗിച്ച് ) : Windows 8 (64 bit)
ലാപ്ടോപ്പ് തരം : High Performance
മിഴിവ് : 1920 x 1080
ഡിസ്പ്ലേ വലുപ്പം ( ഇഞ്ച് ൽ ) : 15.6
Display technology : FHD BrightView LED Backlit Display with Multi-touch
Wireless connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
കണക്റ്റിവിറ്റി : 4 x USB 3.0, HDMI
സവിശേഷതകൾ : Built in webcam, multi card reader, Fingerprint sensor
സൂചക ഉപാധി : Touchpad with Multi-Touch Gesture Support
റാം ( ജിബി യിൽ) ഉൾപ്പെടുത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട് : 8
റാം തരം : DDR3
റാം വേഗത ( മെഗാ ) : 1600
റാം എക്സ്പാന്റബിലിറ്റി ഓപ്ഷനുകൾ ( ഉപയോഗിക്കാത്ത സ്ലോട്ടുകളുടെ ) : 2 (Unused Slot - 0)
Physical Specifications
ലാപ്ടോപ്പ് ഭാരം ( കിലോ ൽ ) : 2.56
ലാപ്ടോപ്പ് ഡയമെൻഷൻ ( മില്ലീമീറ്റർ ൽ ) : 303.3 x 250.7 x 30
പ്രോസസ്സർ മോഡൽ പേര് : Intel Core i7 (4th generation)
ക്ലോക്ക് സ്പീഡ് : 2.4 GHz With Turbo Boost Upto 3.4 GHz
ഗ്രാഫിക്സ് പ്രോസസ്സർ : Nvidia GeForce GT 740M 2GB DDR3
Storage drive type : SATA
Storage drive capacity : 1 TB
ഹാർഡ് ഡ്രൈവ് വേഗത ( ആർപിഎം ൽ ) : 5400
ബാറ്ററി ബാക്കപ്പ് (മണിക്കൂറിൽ) : 3
ബാറ്ററി തരം : 6 cell
വൈദ്യുതി വിതരണം : 65 W AC Adapter
സ്പീക്കറുകൾ : Beats audio speakers
ശബ്ദ സാങ്കേതിക : HD Audio
Warranty And Manufacturer Info
വാറന്റി ദൈർഘ്യം : 1 year

എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX Brief Description

പുതിയ എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX ഇപ്പോൾ പുറത്തിറക്കിയിരിക്കുന്നു 10 Aug, 2013 ഇന്ത്യയിൽ . ഈ ഉത്പന്നങ്ങളെക്കുറിച്ചുള്ള കൂടുതൽ വിവരങ്ങൾ അറിയാം ലാപ്ടോപ്പുകൾ പ്രോഡക്റ്റ് . ഇപ്പോൾ എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX ഇന്ത്യൻ വിപണിയിൽ ഇത് ലഭ്യമാകുന്നതാണു്

എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX Price in India updated on 9th Apr 2019

എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX Price In India Starts From Rs.81500 The best price of എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX is Rs.81500 on Flipkart.

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User Reviews of എച്ച്‌പി Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX

  • boot loader problem
    ARUN BISHNOI on | 01-01-2014

    Never go for hp with original window mainly windows 8 and 8.1, when u have to install any other operating system with it like linux based operating sysyems ubuntu, backtrack. it faces the problem of boot loader. it does not easily shows the boot menu. for dual booting you have to try a lot to make it working and i am still trying to overcome it..........

  • Specs look really good but has manufacturing defects!!!
    rick on | 01-10-2013

    The specifications of this notebook look amazing while searching for a NB to purchase, however, the build quality is not as good. Mine came with a out of the box defect. The keyboard has not been assembled correctly and there is a bump in the keyboard. The entire keyboard moves up and down when a key is pressed. Although I reported the issue immediately, the store that sold it told me refused refund or replacement and told me to contact HP. HP refuses to replace it and insists on getting the entire thing reassembled leaving me to use a refurbished unit. Three engineers worked on it and left it in worst condition than it was before. It has been over 2 months now, and I still am living with the problem as we (me and HP) are at a stalemate. They do not care for individual customers as they are making huge profits in the market. They also do not mind if consumers go to the consumer court. They take it as part and parcel of daily business. It is only for customers to make an informed choice. Rest is upto you. BTW did not buy this from FK as it was OOS at the time.

    somi somi on | 01-10-2013


  • Flipkart -Yes, HP- NO!
    Kush Kumar on | 01-10-2013

    Bought this laptop in August. Flipkart was as usual swift with their delivery and support, but HP customer support is a whole different ball game. My initial choice was a Dell with a similar configuration but 3rd gen i7, which was ok but the product was out of stock so I started looking at options and found this laptop. The laptop itself is beautiful, pretty much a copy of the mac with an added touchscreen and runs on windows 8. The trouble started even before buying the laptop. There was a student offer going on which was offering a 6000 rs HP carepaq of extended 2 years warranty + 4000 rs gift free from HP which led me to be very interested in this product. To confirm this i called the HP customer care, and lo n behold, they didnt even have any information on such a model much less the student offer attached to it, so their supervisor took my contact details and email address to get back to me after finding the necessary information. He never got back. So i directed my query to Flipkart and they were prompt with their response telling me they had exclusively launched this laptop in India in partnership with HP and the offer was very well valid. So i went ahead with my purchase. After this the laptop became available on the HP website too with the same offer attached, which i thought was a relief. After receiving the laptop, sending HP the necessary documents with the barcode cutout etc i received an email from HP saying my claim was rejected as the model number was invalid. The HP customer support asked me to email their manager who handles the claims. No reply from her till today (its been 2 months). Again Flipkart came to my rescue, i forwarded my complaint to them and within 2-3 days i recieved an email from HP validating my claim and saying that my carepaq and gift should reach within 30 days. this was first week of september. Its 15/10 today and i still havent recieved my carepaq, although a few days back i did recieve the gift (printer) that i had chosen. Today i spoke to the HP customer support where the IVR directed me to the carepaq customer support who informed me they cannot help me in any way and my only way is to email HP at a particular email address for redemption support. (they are not exactly polite when you tell them you have a problem and HP has never replied to my emails in the past 2 months) Now, sadly, the thought that i should've waited and gone for a DELL or even an ACER will nag me for the next 2-3 years that i will spend with this laptop. Don't get me wrong, the laptop is pretty awesome, but whats the point of buying something worth 80k when the customer support doesn't even treat you like you're worth 8 bucks? My rating for the laptop would be 4 (only because it heats up a bit in heavy use) My rating for flipkart would be 5 for their prompt delivery, support response. I cant be bothered with rating HP though because.. you know. Update: HP finally issues me the pack around 5 months after buying the laptop. The laptop itself is working perfect except for a tiny dot of a few dead pixels. But in all other areas it performs perfectly well. I have also upgraded my rating from 1 star to 4, only because this laptop has taken the rigorous use I put it through on a daily basis.

  • Very good offering from HP
    Rohan Warang on | 01-10-2013

    I decided to buy this laptop as I was looking for a 1080p screen with 4th gen haswell processors. There aren't many options on the Indian market at the moment. The choice was between this and Lenovo Ideapad Y510p. I chose the HP machine as it has a more classy look as compared to the y510p an I am not much of a gamer. Besides the Diwali utsav offers made HP an overall better package. Following are a few things not mentioned on the product page. However I would like to mention that the following may be seller specific and may not be available to all buyers. 1. The 8gb ram provided is a single dimm. One slot is empty for further expansion in the future. 2. There is an mSata connector empty next to the hard disk. I am not sure if a caching ssd will work out of the box if I plug it in. 3. The battery lasts 4 hours of normal non graphics intensive use. The track pad is not all that reliable. HP has tried to mimic apples two finger scrolling in reverse mode. This was a welcome surprise for me since I was a mac book pro user. However it doesn't work as seamlessly everywhere. The double tap for right click seems to have stopped after windows 8.1 update. I just prefer using the touchscreen which is very reliable and accurate. The keyboard has bit of flex near the S and D keys, but I probably noticed it just because I had read about it. It is not a deal breaker. The typing using the keyboard is nice and comfortable enough. The bright 1080p resolution works best when playing a full hd movie. The screen is very glossy and being a touchscreen attracts a lot of finger prints. The screen quality is not the best but certainly not average. Apart from the above minor issues the build quality is good. The frame is thin but very sturdy and does not bend due to the heavy weight of the device. The Aluminum used feels very premium. The plastic base is actually a good choice since it allows a lot of vents for heat dissipation. The speakers are brilliant. The beats audio just enhances the music experience on the device. Using a good pair of headphones the audio on this device is probably the best I have heard on a laptop. There are lot of little things that make the laptop very convenient to use such as the back lit keyboard, the fingerprint scanner, well spaced four usb 3 ports, the 1 tb hard drive. Over all I am very satisfied with the machine. The performance is blazing fast with the quad core i7 and 8 gb ram. There are other laptops at this price point available in the Indian market but I believe I have chosen the right laptop that suits my needs.

  • Poor built in quality..
    Suresh Achanta on | 01-09-2013

    Review 1 for 75k bucks it is good with backpack + 3 years warranty + 2K bucks hp voucher Pros.. 1) 1080p capactive touch 2) i7 4th Generation 4700MQ 4core 8 threads excellent performance @2.4GHz 3) Beats Audio awesome quality (one I feel the same quality with HTC ONE) 4) 740M 2GB DDR3 average 5) USB 3.0 (88MBps I'm getting with WD 1TB external) Cons.. 1) Poor Built-in quality 2) 2.65KG weight, which it has not given any ultrabook weight.. Who are looking for high performance definitely then can buy this one @ this price Review 2 I found 4 dead pixels(black dots) in the screen and black patch which is coming sometimes and getting disappeared. So I contacted HP about this. but response is poor, issue will not cover under warranty. Again called to HP South team Manager about the black spots in the screen . After 4-5 days discussion he accepted for screen replacement. But, I'm irritated with this laptop so I returned to Flipkart. Thanks to flipkart. Flipkart service is great. next time I'll purchase from flipkart with blind :D..

  • Bad laptop
    Junior john on | 01-09-2013

    my friend has bought this laptop and he has so many issues with do not buy this laptop issues he faced 1. Screen "so many Dead pixels on screen" 2. hp support is very slow 3. fan and heat problem 4. No SSD 5. very poor performance

  • Awesome!!!
    Sachin on | 01-08-2013

    Great Product!!! I was looking for a laptop with 4th gen processor and I must say that HP is the first one to offer such a nice configuration. Flipkart is the first online store who made the product available. It has nice looks with great configuration (8GB, 1TB, 2GB graphics, Beats Audio, Touch, backlit). Great features at reasonable price. Optical drive is not there but with HP student offer, gift vouchers can be used to get the external hard drive.

  • The best product in India
    Shubham on | 01-08-2013

    If you're not looking for an out-and-out portable, the HP Envy TouchSmart 15 is a compelling proposition. It looks good and is very pleasant to use, but also has lots of power available when you need it, both for 2D and 3D work. It has a vibrant screen and great audio for multimedia presentations, too. Considering that this is a touchscreen system, too, the price of 78k is reasonable. Overall, this is a capable, stylish and powerful desktop replacement for a decent price, and it doesn’t need an actual desktop to be used comfortably.

  • Laptop is good Pricing is bad
    Nimesh Kumar on | 01-08-2013

    Same laptop is available in US at 849$ from Hp site. Leaving the pricing the laptop is the best in build quality and configs.Brilliant screen and amazing processor.WS Retail please we are not fools price this laptop better.

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