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Get a brief overview about Call for Code

Since 2000, 2.2 billion people have been directly affected by natural calamities. The need for resolutions backed by the power of technology is increasing day by day. Call for Code is IBM’s initiative to get developers from across the nation to participate and build solutions for disaster management and preparedness.

It’s an opportunity for all the coders to bring about a change by building applications with tools tailored to each of the call for code challenge area. To help the coders design and develop their apps, IBM is offering multiple technologies like Blockchain and AI that can ensure well-being of individuals and institutions during natural calamities. The most impactful project will be implemented with the help of IBM, The Linux Foundation, UN Human Rights, and American Red Cross. Develop, deploy and manage your apps with the help of IBM and push yourself to answer the call for code.


Answer 4 simple questions

  • Question 1:What is the most effecting way for hassle free claims or identify immediate need for aid?
  • IBM Watson™ Visual Recognition software
  • Raspberry Pi
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • Question 2: What is the most efficient way to track funds raised during Disasters?
  • IBM Blockchain platform with Hyperledger composer playground and along with Hyperledger composer REST server
  • Hyperledger composer
  • Hyperledger Composer framework and Node.js
  • Question 3: What is the most effective and reliable way to build a chatbot that can predict weather activities to reduce the number of people affected?
  • IBM Watson™ Services
  • Swift and Kitura Framework
  • All the above
  • Question 4: Which of these IBM resources will offer best results for the Call for Code initiative?
  • Build resilient financial networks to execute secure transactions quickly and translate voice and written communications on the fly to improve information sharing.
  • Improve logistics based on traffic and weather activity to reduce number of people affected
  • All the above


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