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Step 1:

Register for IBM Cloud

Please register for IBM Cloud and then come back to this page for the next step

Step 2:

Answer 4 simple questions

  • Question 1: Which of these statements are correct about IBM’s Cloud Paks?
  • Cloud Paks can help reduce development time by up to 84 percent
  • Operational expenses on Cloud Paks can be reduced up to 75 percent
  • Cloud Paks simplify enterprise-grade deployment and management for software in containers
  • All of the Above
  • Question 2: What was the prize money for Call for Code 2019?
  • $200,000 USD Cash Prize
  • $50,000 USD Cash Prize
  • $10,000 USD Cash Prize
  • $100,000 USD Cash Prize
  • Question 3: What can be used to program additional authentication logic besides available authenticator modules?
  • WebHook Authentication
  • Authentication Proxy
  • Keystone Password
  • OpenID Connect Tokens
  • Question 4: When it comes to App Modernization, what is the meaning of "noninvasive modernization?"
  • Taking an application and exposing it to be consumed in new ways
  • Rewriting an application from scratch on a new platform
  • Replacing the application with another application altogether
  • None of the above

Step 3:

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