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User Reviews of Samsung NP370R5E-S06IN

  • Good product
    Aravind Duraisamy on Flipkart.com | Jan-2015

    No Cons. The Lap is beast for Graphics. Bettery backup is quite good and the its slim which is nice.

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  • Best Laptop Up-to warranty date
    Javeed Sk on Flipkart.com | Jun-2014

    Hi guys.. this is best laptop in budget, but after 1 year it will start problem. like ... Heavy heat (because fan was at down side ) battery life very less- only 1.30min( after 1 year )

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  • Not a very good experience
    Rahul Dutta on Flipkart.com | Feb-2014

    UPDATE[16/5/2014]: Surprisingly I got a call from a fellow customer who seems to have received the same DAMAGED Laptop that i had returned!! He described the exact damages on the laptop ( Swollen lid, deep cut on the right hand side ) and he got my number because apparently the seller/flipkart was careless enough to leave my old purchase invoice in the delivered package!! Just the idea of this is hilarious! Such unprofessional practices is very unexpected of a reputed online site and the sellers (E-HAAT) it associates itself with. Can i just say the tag "All products sold on Flipkart are brand new and 100% genuine" definitely cannot be trusted upon now. And it is also clearly known that the color on this laptop fades away very quickly. Buyers, as inviting as the specs may sound, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE. After a lot of research and reviews from other buyers, I made up my mind to buy this laptop, Mainly because of the power the graphics card promises. Got the shipment within 5 days of ordering. But there was a defect with the laptop...the keyboard panel was not flat...it was slightly swollen on the left side near the spacebar. And the speakers cracked too. Called flipkart on the same day and they took it back for replacement promptly. The replacement product took a massive 6 days for them to ship from the seller and then another 2 days in transit. I kept calling them but everyone gave me the" Sir it will be shipped within 24 hours" crappy dialogue..for 5 days straight. Normally it wouldn't matter but i was leaving the city and needed to have that laptop before i went. They finally delivered it just before i left for the airport. And im sorry to say but the replacement laptop is damaged goods as well. It has 2 deep nicks on the right side as if the machine had been dropped onto something sharp. And the lid has a swollen bump on it, so much that you can press down on top of the lid and watch the plastic depress by a few mm!! Now that im out of town for more than 10 days i cannot get the laptop replaced as after 10 days the replacement policy expires. And that SUCKS! Very disappointing seller "GADGETSNGIZMOS". And disappointing service by flipkart coz it seems that though they have a quick delivery process, they have no idea what to do if something goes wrong. And talk about bad quality control! About the laptop...well if the malformations and damage were to be taken away i would say it could be a great product...the finish is brilliant...the chassis is slim and light..but at the same time it is delicate..take note if you're intending to get this for rough usage...and adding a matt-black anti reflective screen with a very capable graphics card sweetens the deal...all in all a very beautiful looking and yet also pretty capable package...it automatically switches between Intel and AMD graphics depending upon power source and application and you only notice the flicker while changing if you look very very closely. While on my dads lenovo the screen goes blank for a second for the same thing. The speakers aren't very impressive...it might change after a while of usage and breaking in.. 4.5 Stars for the product (if you get the perfect one that is) 1 Star for the one I have to live with. 0 Stars for flipkart and its seller E-HAAT for taking me on a big anxiety trip and leaving me with a damaged REPLACEMENT product.

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  • Beautiful Laptop but Graphics Card Not Working !!
    Saransh Sinha on Flipkart.com | Nov-2013

    First of all the delivery from Flipkart and WS Retail was very quick. Ordered on 18th October and received on 21st. Now my major issue. The Graphics Card Radeon HD 8750M is not WORKING ! It is the main highlight of this laptop! My Catalyst Control Centre for Switchable Graphics also does not work ! Despite reinstalling all drivers! Flipkart is not helping either ! Pros: 1. Large Screen 2. Beautiful Sleek Ultrabook-like design. 3. Very Thin and good finish. 4. Core i3 third gen does a good job. 5.Windows 8 (although I prefer Windows 7) 6. Fast boot up. Cons: 1. GRAPHICS CARD NOT WORKING. I have played GTA 4 on it and it uses the Intel HD Graphics 4000 by default. Which on low settings runs only at 20 fps. HORRIBLE...unplayable. Whereas the 8750M can easily run "Crysis 3" on all high settings at 32 fps. Even Catalyst cannot change anything. 2. Average Sound Quality. 3. Very Low Battery Backup only 2 to 3 hours. 4. No Optical Drive. Had to purchase an external one from Transcend to play Games and run CD's. 5. Heats very quickly. 6. RAM could have been better. Please think twice before buying this.....it is an honest review.

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  • Amazing Product
    Sudipta Mandal on Flipkart.com | Nov-2013

    First of all, I'm a very old customer of Flipkart. Flipkart's service is always amazing. I placed my order on 27th october & I got it on 30th october before my expected delivery date which is 31st .. Packing of the product is always great by Flipkart.. Now about the product-- When i ordered it i was not confident about my choice.. But, Now i'm happy with this product. It's really a amazing product by Samsung. It's totally like a ultrabook. You my also called it ultrabook.Coz, it's too slim.. Cons- 1. Build quality is good 2. Good Sound quality 3. Good battery backup 4. Slim, like ultrabook 5. 2gb AMD 8750 series graphics, which is a high mid range graphics, will not give u any other company at this price tag Pros- 1. No optical Drive. But, who care about it. Pendrive is doing everything nowadays 2. Some Heating problem if u use it on the bed.. Coz, it's so slim so need some space for air flow. Overall, the product is very good at this price range. U may definitely go for it.

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  • A decent deal !
    Sri Harsha Boda on Flipkart.com | Nov-2013

    1) It lags a little now and then. Considering I use it continuously through out the day, that is acceptable. 2) I could play high end games(Assassin's Creed, Dishonored, Mass Effect, Injustice,etc.) on this easily. Again it might lag a little sometimes, but I guess you can't except more at this budget. 3) One thing that disappointed me a little is the screen resolution. It appears a little blurred. You get a battery backup of 3 hours, which is not a problem for me as I have access to power all the time. 4) The laptop looks pretty good with its ultra thin looks and it weighs light too. 5) I am happy enough on this purchase overall.

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  • grand laptop
    vicas on Flipkart.com | Nov-2013

    I received the product last saturday and it is just excellent. the performance, graphics, sleek look and also preinstalled softwares. Got a free back pack too. its totally a grand laptop for that price and it just amazing in its performance. yet to test with high end games. 'll post back again once i test. but so far, its just wow...

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  • Awesome Laptop
    ANAND S B on Flipkart.com | Oct-2013

    I bought this laptop 1 month back. Too good and the graphics in the laptop looks awesome. It is fast enough for daily use and playing games.The camera is good, video recording is very good. The cover design is also good and smooth.

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  • nice buy
    Ankit Tyagi on Flipkart.com | Sep-2013

    Very good laptop Pros: 1.Antiglare screen 2.Good keyboard 3.Nice and slim form factor,lightweight 4.Looks expensive 5.Graphics card is veryyyy good Cons: 1.Build quality is not very good,feels plasticy,fragile,and body creak sometimes 2.Screen hinges are not very good,screen oscillates 3.Heated while graphics card is in use,expected behavior for a slim lappy,get cooler fans 4.No dvd writer,but who needs one! If you can get it around 35K then it is a very good buy (i got it for 34K from a retailer in delhi).Handle it carefully and it won't dissapoint you Note:Samsung is able to provide laptops at cheaper prices than other brands because it manufactures components like hard disk and screen etc. itself.Also it is growing in laptop segmet in india and has improves after sales.So it is a good value for money proposition

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