Logitech launches N100 notebook cooling pad

Published Date
13 - Jul - 2009
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13 - Jul - 2009
Logitech launches N100 notebook cooling pad

 Does using your laptop for a long duration usually end up with a burning sensation at uncomfortable spots? And according to Logitech, 43 per cent of consumers are worried that excessive notebook heat can slow or damage their PC.

The numbers might be a bit bloated, but the discomfort caused by a hot laptop is quite real. So here’s a nifty little solution that should ensure your thighs never have to bear the brunt of extreme temperatures again.
Logitech’s N100 notebook cooling pad claims to improve the airflow around your laptop, by using a built-in fan that that uses a rear air intake to circulate air via a slotted surface.
The cooling pad is powered by USB, which claims to have very little effect on your notebook PC’s battery life.
Weighing about 650 grams, the device can support laptops with a screen size not more than 15.4 inches. And yes, Macbooks work fine with this too.
Covered by three years of warranty, the N100 cooling pad retails at Rs 1995. More details about the gadget can be found here.

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