Is Apple developing a search engine to compete against Google?

Published Date
20 - Jan - 2010
| Last Updated
20 - Jan - 2010
Is Apple developing a search engine to compete against Google?

Google has consistently been trampling on Apple's toes, with unsettling announcements of new operating systems, mobile phones, and with all the publicity surrounding Apple's rejection of the Google Voice application for the iPhone.

Now Apple has taken on an unlikely partner in its battle against Google, Microsoft. Apple, it would seem, now has plans to replace Google, and go for Bing instead as its default search engine. It's remarkable to see how Google has now taken over Microsoft as Apple's biggest threat.

Recently Apple has been on a buying spree, trying to rid itself of the last vestiges of Google intrusion into its platform. In the recent past they are rumoured to have bought their own maps service to remove their dependence on Google Maps, and they have also purchased their own mobile advertisement company to further remove the taint of Google's presence.

As if that was not enough, Apple's plan could include having their own search engine, and choosing Bing could be, as BusinessWeek reports , a stop-gap measure. Apple wont "outsource the future".

Could Apple really be entering the highly competitive search market? How far will they go? It would seem Apple has an alternate exclusive internet in mind for its own users.

As Google has started entering some of the domains of Apple, will Apple start entering those of Google? What next, iTube, iDocs, iJustDontKnowWhenToQuit?

While this is still just speculation from a unknown entity about an possible strategy based on an undeclared move, it does seem to fit with Apple's recent trends. With Apple's penchant for good clean design and consistent interfaces, it will be interesting to see what approach they take with their search engine if they ever do come up with it.