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User Reviews of HP Pavilion G6-2313AX

  • Over-Heating Laptop
    Jackson Andrade on Flipkart.com | Jul-2013

    OLD REVIEW.. ""I brought this product from Flipkart on 30th June. Its already 20 days by that. I feel really happy with this product. I am going to share my opinions on this product.... 1.Cheapest for the price tag. 2.Slow in performance. ( takes little more time to install softwares).But overall good performance. Got 571 points/score on nova benchmark.(can verify on internet.I have added it) 3.Drivers are available for win7 and win8. 4.6GB RAM is more than enough. System uses only 60-70% even at highend use. 5.1TB is an ocean.What more you need? 6.One thing that amazed me is that, even at 100% cpu use while scanning pc,I was able to watch movies and work normally like before. In my older pc I was not able to move cursor at 100% cpu usage.Really good performance of A10 7.This laptop doesnot have a scroll lock in its keyboard as in dell laptops. This is a drawback. 8.Really good speakers from Dolby. Loud enough and clear Audio from Altec- Lansing. 9.Drawback of Keyboard is that,It doesnot have Backlit Keyboard and very tiny movement keys( really difficult to play games).Typing is irritating but "practice makes man perfect" 10.Good battery performance of 3hrs while watching movies in headphones.You can decrease brightness to save power.Battery backup is better in windows 8 than from win 7. 11.I have used both win7 and win8 os. But you have to decide before installing it, since you have to format the whole HDD.This computer has different modes in BIOS ie CSM for 7 and UEFI for 8.You cannot dual boot 7 and 8. 12.Laptop will become warm/ hot near the left side of the touchpad ie where you place your left palm. It irritates me while gaming. 13.I have played games like Battlefield BC2, COD black ops 1&2, works excellent. But for NFS MW2 I feel that graphics lags in performance since it stucks while in game. May be it has compatibility issues with windows 8.(please clarify as I am not a gamer) 14.The Bag that came with this product looks good.But it has a less luggage carrying space.Many slots are there but of no use.Build quaity is very good. 15.The computer fan is very smooth, No noise. 16.Better to purchase a 4Port USB hub from iball along with this.You will realise its importance later when you use it. 17.Web Camera looks HD.Clear quality of Pictures. 18.Touchpad is very accurate. Dotted type, easy to use. 19.Windows Experience Index Rating For windows 7 is 5.8 and for Windows 8 is 5.9. 20.If you need a cheaper computer with good features, then go for it..Thank you..''' REVIEW AFTER 9 MONTH USAGE "'. Please don't purchase this laptop. Reason is below.... 1.Fan has been changed twice and repaired 6 times. 2.The fan is not capable to cool the system nor it has the efficiency. 3.If you use the laptop for normal purpose, its well and good. 4.Do not expect this computer for internet usage. Frankly speaking, the CPU heats up like hell if you open google chrome browser. 5.This laptop runs somewhat cooler in win8 than from win7. 6.I upgraded the RAM from 6 to 8 GB. Now the applications run faster., Processing has improved, but its damm hell to use for internet. 7.This processor is very good for Graphical softwares like AutoCAD and Mechanical Design softwares. 8. Yes I am a average gamer. I have Played almost all the graphical games. Initially they were faster. But now even after regular cleaning of the fan, they are very slow. NFSMW used to run well in medium resolution. But now it hangs regularly. Hence I have stopped playing games now. 9. I feel very unsatisfied about my laptop now. Sorry for my previous review. Even I too purchased this laptop by seeing all the good reviews and mislead my thoughts.

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    Parikshit Borah on Flipkart.com | May-2013

    Ok. So I bought this laptop a few weeks back after going through a thousand reviews of this product. Both in flipkart and other websites. I even checked the reviews for its individual components like the CPU and the GPU. So read forward to find out the good and bad sides of this product and an overall opinion. OVERHEATING ISSUE?? (THE BIGGEST QUESTION): *************************************************************** In one word, NO. This laptop does not overheat. And here's why. AMD's new APU 4660m Trinity runs on very low power when compared to i5 3rd gen or even i7. For comparison it uses about 15 watts less than the 3rd gen i5. What does it mean? It means lesser heat dissipation and therefore eliminating the overheating issue. My brother has a Dell XPS with 2nd gen i7, and another roommate of mine has a Sony Vaio E Series with a 2nd gen i5. Both of them constantly keep complaining about how their laptops overheat even when they watch videos on youtube for long hours. Flash video players online use up a lot of processing power. I had a Dell Studio before this laptop and by god that laptop has made me feel like throwing it away literally because of its severe overheating issues. Read more at the bottom. In the US this laptop is sold as the 2002 xx series, download the drivers from there. Don't download any intel based drivers on that website, because there isn't even a single intel part in this laptop. For the graphics, its better to download the drivers from the AMD website. the APU GPU model is Radeon 7660 and and the other GPU is ATI Radeon 7670. Chassiss/ Casing Build Quality: ************************************ -The casing of this whole laptop is fully light plastic. The laptop feels very cheap to look at and to touch also. But then look at the price you are paying for the configuration. HP has to cut the cost somewhere right!?! -HP Protect Smart technology is available inside the casing to protect your hard disk a little better from various kinds of electrical and physical shocks. -The laptop feels a little delicate and breakable when u hold it with one hand on the sides. Don't do that! Hardware Specs: ******************* -For Rs. 37,990, you get a hell lot of high quality hardware packed inside this laptop. Keep reading below to find out. -The RAM is 1600MHz ram of 6GB. If you don't know what that speed means, such RAM chips are usually sold in high end gaming laptops such as Alienware and Asus G series. Normal RAMs are of 1033MHz. So thats a bargain -The CPU or the APU is of very low power consumption (about 15 watts less than intel core i5 2450m). -The integrated graphics chip is of DDR5 RAM which is why there is a stutter or lag when u use dual graphics. If you use the APU graphics alone, even then u can play FarCry 3 in "Highest" settings with about 20-23 FPS which is quite playable. -The additional 2GB GPU (Radeon 7670) performs superbly in Crysis 3 and FarCry 3. I played both of them in "Ultra High" settings with highest amounts of Anti Aliasing and Soft Shadow Ambient Occlusion in about 22FPS. -WARNING: Do not use the dual graphics as it actually hampers the performance. -The hard disk is just like any other normal hard disk except that it is 1TB (930GB of usable space). -I did not like the on board sound card as it is not RealTek. But then I use a lot of music production softwares and realtek soundcards can take the load of such software without having to use an external soundcard. BUT ordinary users will find no difference at all! -LCD is good, just like any normal screen -Battery life is surprisingly good since the cpu uses very less power, plus if u switch off the GPUs while operating on battery, it will run even longer. I have used it for 3-4 hours non stop on battery while making music in Ableton live and FL Studio. On standby it will easily give u a backup of upto 8 hours. OVERALL: ************ - If you are looking for a cheap laptop for under 40k with the best possible hardware, THIS IS THE LAPTOP TO BUY. There is no other manufacturer that is selling such a good laptop at this price range. Do not worry about it being an AMD PC. There is absolutely no overheating issue(once u install the correct HP drivers), I personally guarantee you. Just keep it in a clean place as the intake vent is directly below, so if u keep it on a dusty surface it will directly breathe in dust and block its own fans and vents. - I used a Dell Studio 1458 for 3 years that repeatedly failed me on important occasions. It had intel i3, 4gigs of RAM, and a 1GB AMD GPU but it kept overheating like a volcano. And whats more, within 6 months of buying that DELL, the heat sink was damaged and the thermal paste melted away. After warranty was over I had to repeatedly keep repairing the heatsink with my own money again and again. So when I say that this laptop has no overheating issue, believe me because I have used a malfunctioning overheating laptop for 3 years and I know what overheating is.

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  • Wonderful Product
    Rathin Dholakia on Flipkart.com | May-2013

    Bought this BEAST on 7th and have been using it for 2 weeks and have to say Wonderful laptop, Simply amazing... Installed Win8 in 10-15 mins. though yes, drivers MIGHT create issue if you dont know who to deal with them but contact HP care and you are good to go...some details are as follow:- Battery rruntime:- 2.5-3 hrs display: sufficiently bright form:- OK, could have been better weight:- 2.3 KG bit heavy but its Worth it!! :) Heating issue:- No and YES both, YES--> because ALL HP models body designs are having this issue, they are not designed keeping heat flow in mind.. BUT.. BUT.. NO --> because of such a HIGH config. ( 2 GB graphic + A10 processor) it is SUPPOSED to heat up a bit above average, but nothing to worry, just install Windows, drivers and HP coolsense and you are good to GO..!! so as a conclusion, a Mind blowing product, at this price.. N.B: I have also tried Linux on this (Fedora 18 & Ubuntu 13.04) are both are running EXCELLENT, in-fact bettery life is far better in linux, though its heats up more.. otherwise all GOOD / EXCELLENT... IMHO i havent tried any game yet BUT i m pretty sure.. this BEAST will run anything u throw at it..

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  • Best for Gaming and Movies
    Kumar Vignesh on Flipkart.com | Apr-2013

    I bought this laptop two weeks back after seeing many reviews. Its been great since then. I downloaded all the drivers from the below youtube link where you can see the link in the moderator comment column. I still haven't tested bluetooth driver. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kkUTCG9qiE Note: All the catalyst driver version for graphics cards can be downlaoded from the AMD website directly, as the drivers will be updated frequently. It will check your pc GPU configuration and then it will suggest the latest drivers for you. I used to play guild wars2 for nearly 5 hours non stop and i can play it in high settings easily with tweaked graphics level. Also i played witcher 2 in high settings with this laptop. Its giving me an average of 30 FPS. I am going to buy Bioshock and Tomb raider to play in this laptop as these games are optimized for AMD dual graphics. I can play Metro 2033 in very high settings. I hope i will have a nice summer and can go ahead with this laptop for another 1.5 years. If you want a mind-blowing gaming experience in low cost, I would better prefer AMD. AMD Rocks. Simply order it and earn it with a great flipkart service.

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  • Simply Fantastic and Great Performance
    Christie Anand on Flipkart.com | Apr-2013

    I have got this Laptop 2 weeks back after checking reviews in Flipkart and youtube. This is a masterpiece as far as my usage for two weeks goes. My old 7 year old Dell died and I was planning for a new one. After a lot of research and chcking on reviews this Laptop turned out to be a winner. I was a bit reluctant to get HP as my friends had lots of heating issues with their Laptops. But then took the risk as the config was too Overwhelming. The Laptop proved all my friends wrong. It is cooler than my Dell and i observed mild heating while Gaming. Anyway I got a Laptop Cooler. Flipkart did a great job in replacing my initially delivered Laptop as there was a dent near the Speakers. Pros: -- Laptop looks great and comes with a backpack -- Indicator Lights for CapsLock and Wifi Buttons are present in the Key itself -- Good Windows Performance Rating of 5.9 (Only because of the 5200rpm HDD) -- Others Ratings are 6.7 or above -- Haven't played many games yet. AC3, NFS Run work Fantastic .Thanks to the reviewer who brought up this overclocking tutorial in youtube. Cons: -- Haven't seen Indicator light for NumLock -- Drivers are hard to get -- No Original Windows OS (Not a problem for me but some may want it.) -- Gets hot with hard core Gaming but this is expected. -- Windows Generic drivers does not work for LAN, WiFi, Card Reader and you'll have to install drivers exclusively to make them work. -- The Charging Adapter gets unusually hot when compared with my previous Dell. Observations: -- USB 3.0 has transfer speeds of 90 MBps with WD 3.0 External HDD -- Altec Lansing speakers are great and Dolby Digital v2 adds more clarity at high volume. Although for some it may not be enough. Suggestions: -- Install HP CoolSense for Heat management. It really does magic. -- Don't forget to install the audio drivers as the performance is great with the driver -- Get a Decent Cooling pad in case you are planning for a lot of Gaming. -- Don't use the Laptop in bed for too long Conclusion: If your requirement is Gaming, Multitasking, Watching HD Videos , Working with VMWare or design softwares. Then, definitely go for this one if it falls within your budget. Good Luck Friends.

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  • Great Gaming System but heats like Hell, literally!!!
    Madhur Tandon on Flipkart.com | Apr-2013

    Firstly, kudos to flipkart for a zippy fast delivery, got it on 2nd day. Now about the laptop, I ordered it after much thought as I wanted a decent gaming system. I installed Win 8 Enterprise on it and didn't face any driver related problem as some others here are facing, all the required drivers are readily available on HP website. I even upgraded the BIOS to F.26 update available there. About the pros: 1) Hardware configuration is good, graphics card performance is also decent, runs GTA4 smoothly in medium-high settings. Plus, 6GB of RAM and 1TB of HDD is always a +1 in my book, although HDD should have been 7200RPM, but its okay you don't get everything in life. 2) Battery life is decent, although while gaming it only lasts about 1.5 hrs but during normal usage like net surfing, video/music playback it lasts approx. 3-3.5 hrs. 3) Keyboard is amazing and light as feather, its like touch typing, you just touch the keys and they type. 4) Touch pad is also great, its has a granular-like surface, so the finger doesn't slip which is a good thing for me as it gives you percision control over the cursor, unlike those buttery smooth touchpads on other machines, plus it also has vertical and horizontal scrolling, also on Win8 you can use it to open the charms bar (just flick your finger from the right edge towards the centre of the touchpad and it open the charms bar). The only thing I didn't like about it is the button to disable the touchpad while I'm using my wireless mouse, you have to double-tap on the left-top corner to disable it, but it doesn't stay disabled when PC reboots, the same goes for the wi-fi switch. 5) Speakers are great, crystal clear and realistic sound output and plus the onboard mic is the best I have seen, its has an amazing sensitivity, it captured my voice from 5-feet away, so that's good. 6) Display is sharp and bright, colors look great, it also has dynamic brightness control which senses the ambient lights to adjust the display brightness. 7) Webcam I haven't used till now, but HD webcam is always a good thing, Right? 8) Looks wise its, as they say, Plain and Simple. It has a Plain Black top, no gaudy graphics or dull matte finish like other laptops, its made of plastic but it feels premium to the touch, the first time you take it in your hands and you'll feel its great build quality, of-course its from HP so build quality has to be top-notch plus as the saying goes, Beauty is in simplicity, and I like Simple so I love it. Now we come to the Cons: The only Con I found on this lappy is the overheating. All those here who are saying it doesn't run hot, I don't know if you have yourself used this laptop or not but mine heats up like a furnace, during normal usage it runs close to 100 deg. C !!!!! and while gaming or heavy graphics utilization it shoots upto 130-135 DEGREES, yes you read it right, 135 DEGREES and for those who don't believe me, here is a screenshot of HWmonitor: http://oi49.tinypic.com/2hz72px.jpg (this is during normal usage, net surfing, MS word use, the likes). You can see for yourself, how hot it runs. Although I must say I'm impressed that the heatsink fan runs so quietly that I sometime feels its not running at all, have to touch the grill to feel hot air coming out, just to be sure. Plus it keeps on running, and that too smoothly, despite heating so much without shutting down, that's impressive. My previous Compaq Laptop would just shut down whenever it reached anywhere closed to 110 degrees. Now, it may be the fault of AMD Processor or HP for not providing adequate cooling, cause it has a tiny grill on left-side for heat dissipation and I feel its insufficient, Or it could be that its a hardware fault with my machine, I don't know but that's the only con I have found so far. I'm taking out 1 Star due to Overheating otherwise I'd have given it 5 on 5

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  • What do we get in Rs-4000 diff b/w 2313ax and 2314ax
    Tarun Aggarwal on Flipkart.com | Mar-2013

    So here it comes: two of my friends one senior and one junior got these two laptops(i myself have 2005ax) I was surprised after playing crysis 3 on both the laptops for couple of hours. The fps drop in 2314 ax was just 5-8 max compared to 2313ax(same settings were applied max resolution, graphic details at medium, AA on). So i thought it was weird that price difference between the two was Rs 4ooo(huge if traded for 5-8 fps). So I tried exploring something more...I found a video on youtube titled "AMD Fusion A4_A6_A8_A10 - How to get the most out of it! Overclocking_Tweaking Tutorial (Notebook)" The tutorial is awesome and it is explained with a great efficiency. After applying this tutorial on both lappies the winner was 2313ax and by a significant difference guys Here comes the difference: I was able to overclock the cpu of 2313ax to 4.1 Ghz! unlike the 2314ax which was 3.5 Ghz tops!(view the video pls) Now the fps difference increased by another 5. So the overall fps difference was 10-12. So I said okay this is also not enough for 4000K price hike. Then I compared the specs: 2313---2314 1. Processor-A10---A8 2. Clock speed winner 2313(the mighty 4.1 Ghz) 3.Screen type winner 2313ax it has HD Brightview Widescreen LED Backlit Display compared to 2314's LED Backlit Widescreen HD Display(A small but noticable difference) 4.Most important difference: The integrated graphics difference: 2313 has 7660g integrated whereas 2314 has 7640g!! other insignificant differences: 1. Webcamera 2314 had 0.3 mp camera(plain and simple) whereas 2313 had HP TrueVision HD Webcam(the quality was noticably higher) 2.Sound (may be significant for you) the true HD audio, version 2 of dolby advance audio of 2313 ax beats the hell out of 2314 ax in terms of clarity. A major point of disadvantage for 2313 ax: The battery backup was 3.5 hours told by my senior(2314ax owner) and 2.5 hours as told by my junior(2313ax owner) on moderate to heavy usage. My verdict about battery: If you are a true gamer you shouldn't worry about the battery backup because you'll spoil laptop's battery in 6-12 months(that is if you are a hardcore gamer!!) The battery can ONLY be saved by removing it at the time of playing games and running the laptop on AC power. Final Verdict: The clear winner in terms of performance is 2313ax yeah..i am impressed by my junior :P This performance can be traded with Rs 3000-3500...so i think 2313 is Rs 500 overpriced. I am thinking highly of flipkart for the correct categorization for both the lappies. 2313ax is for gaming and 2314ax is for entertainment...enough said.

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  • disable auto brightness of the display?
    Sravan Kumar on Flipkart.com | Feb-2013

    I have been having this problem as well. It is a setting that is hidden in the AMD Vision Engine Control Center I kept looking in the power settings -- it is not there. Control Panel --> Appearance and Personalization -> Screen Resolution -> Advanced Settings Then Click on the AMD VISION Engine Control Center Tab in the advanced properties window that pops up Click on the AMD VISION Engine Control Center Button within that tab. Now the AMD Window pops open. In the AMD Window, in the START screen, under POWER, click the PowerPlay link. Encheck the box titled "Enable Vari-Bright" and apply your settings. hope it helps.

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    Ranvir Singh on Flipkart.com | Feb-2013

    HI....everyone this is a great laptop i just ordered one......if u want to have a look at the laptop physically then just go to any nearby HP dealer and go through any HP pavalion G6 series model....all are same and it is a well build laptop....!!! NOW THE IMPORTANT THING THAT IS DRIVER's......!! THE SAME MODEL IS AVAILABLE IN U.S. BY THE NAME HP PAVALION G6 2002AX AND THESE DRIVER WILL WORK PERFECTLY ON THIS LAPTOP.....SO GO AHEAD AND DOWNLOAD THE DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS 7 AND 8 FROM THE U.S. WEBSITE FOR G6 2002AX......AND HAVE A NICE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS LAPTOP...:) ONE MORE THING THE U.S. MODEL HAS 1GB 7670M RATHER THAN 2GB 7670M LIKE IN INDIAN MODEL BUT IT DOSE NOT AFFECT DRIVER'S...!!!

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  • Best in Class!!
    Romel Rego on Flipkart.com | Jan-2013

    WOW!!! I have seen Laptops with similar configs in Samsung, Asus, Lennovo... none come close to the price quoted above.. For Indian market , this is a high performance notebook for budget buyers below 40K. With 1 TB HDD, 6 GB RM, 2.5 GB hybrid Crossfire ,all of these dancing around the AMD trinity (piledriver )Flagship A10 4600m for mobile devices.. Tha'ts a bang for buck configuration. The AMD Piledriver series processors are AMD's 2nd gen Processors built on the previous bulldozer model. Compared to the 3rd gen i5, they fall behind for Raw Computing power but has a good lead for 3d rendering and Graphic benchmarks. This PC is a gaming PC and as a gamer i have ordered this already. Cant wait to get my hands on this notebook.!!! A similar a configuration on intel based laptops EG: Samsung NP300E5C-U01IN Laptop Laptop costs well around 38K..and this one goes a 1 GB 620m video card which is easily out performed By ATI 7670 any day. Overheating issues on AMD based laptops?. Every laptop used for gaming and heavy computing programs are bound to have heating issues.. Unless you use the laptop just to check you emails... Overheating AMD processors is an old Myth.. Its been more than 5 years since AMD has fixed this. I work for HP and i am surprised to see this model at this price which is easily the same price or even cheaper than a similar US model notebook. This notebook is a package of very powerful hardware components packed together tightly ,designed to give very high performance for users who play games, render videos and graphics designers. Mr.Surya Singh .. I dont know why flipcart forceed you to rate it.. Your review is groundless. You need to do more homework before you rate any product. I am not rating this product 5 stars b'cos i am an HP employee.. This is an unbiased rating completely based on H/W specs and performance charts found online.

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