Zuckerberg reveals Microsoft was his backup plan, if Facebook had failed

Published Date
23 - Oct - 2012
| Last Updated
23 - Oct - 2012
Zuckerberg reveals Microsoft was his backup plan, if Facebook had...

Speaking at Stanford University, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that if his website had failed to pick up, he’d have gone over to Microsoft to work as an engineer. What’s not clear is whether he already had an offer or had hoped that the Redmond giant would hire him.

Zuckerberg did bring up the Harvard connection though, as a lot of Harvard graduates want to work for Microsoft. It could also be the fact that both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were Harvard dropouts.

Zuckerberg took the opportunity to address many issues, including rumours that he was against ads in the nascent stages of Facebook. He said he in fact was all for them as the revenue would have helped purchase more servers, as he was obsessed with making sure the social networking site never experienced downtime. More servers also meant that the website could expand the social net it cast, allowing more user sign-ups which eventually led to the site crossing the billion users mark.

Zuckerberg also shared with the audience that the programmers at Facebook considered releasing a course catalog to using the social networking site, especially the sections pertinent to privacy.

Given how important online privacy has become, a guide to using these features of Facebook would have been extremely useful. Whether such a document will be released or not isn’t clear, but we can only hope that it sees the light of day.

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