ZTE plans to unveil prototypes with 5G support by 2015

Chinese firm ZTE is developing 5G products and plans to launch a prototype by next year.

Published Date
17 - Jun - 2014
| Last Updated
17 - Jun - 2014
ZTE plans to unveil prototypes with 5G support by 2015

Chinese telecom giant, ZTE is working on 5G technology products and expects to launch a prototype by 2015. 5G technology promises better connections to meet the increasing number of mobile Internet users.

ZTE, which is China's second largest telecom equipment manufacturer, has already started working on 5G devices and standards, its senior vice president (wireless business) Xu Huijun stated in a recent interview.

"ZTE has already invested a lot on 5G in terms of product designs. By 2015, we should have the first prototype of 5G network equipment to ensure that we are among the first vendors to launch the fifth generation network commercially in the international market," Xu added.

Apart from ZTE, European Union is working with South Korea to jointly research the next generation of mobile broadband technology. South Korea has one of the fastest mobile broadband networks and Europe was a pioneer in GSM technology in the 1990s, but fell behind the United States and Asia in the 4G connections rollout. The 5G technology will help improve mobile communications, create jobs and lead to growth at a time when Europe is slowly pulling itself out of recession.

"5G will become the new lifeblood of the digital economy and digital society once it is established," Neelie Kroes, the EU commissioner for telecoms, said in a statement on Monday.

Nokia recently demonstrated 4G speeds of 3.78 gigabits per second at the Mobile Asia Expo (MAE) in Shanghai and stated that the speed offered is 400 times faster than any 4G options in India. Currently, India has the slowest average internet speed among all countries in the Asia Pacific region. The new technology will allow users to download a high-definition movie in just six seconds, while with 4G technology, it takes approximately six minutes. According to reports earlier this year, the Indian government is working with Israel for 5G technology. 

Source: PTI