YouTube Video Editor - the free cloud-based, online video editor by Google

Published Date
17 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
17 - Jun - 2010
YouTube Video Editor - the free cloud-based, online video editor...

Let's face it, we are moving over to the cloud. More and more cloud apps are making their appearance and the major ones are getting popular indeed! Free apps are more welcome than the paid ones, and if a quality app comes from a company like Google, that too for free - it is sure to make some buzz!

Yesterday, Google reported that they were testing their own web based YouTube video editor app. The application will help edit YouTube videos, primarily providing the following features -

  • Trimming the beginning and/or end of a video
  • Split/join YouTube videos to produce a new video
  • Add soundtracks to the videos from the AudioSwap library
  • Create new videos and publish to YouTube without any headache about the file format, or any worries about uploading them (after you have uploaded the video to the editor, of course).

It's really very easy and fun to use. Users can give the YouTube Video Editor a try in the TestTube, where budding YouTube apps are tried and tested before coming out of the cocoon. Check the video demonstration below to have an idea about the new online YouTube video editor app from Google.