YouTube is testing new multi-angle feature for videos

YouTube's new feature will allow users to view videos from different camera angles.

Published Date
05 - Feb - 2015
| Last Updated
05 - Feb - 2015
YouTube is testing new multi-angle feature for videos

YouTube is experimenting with a way to let viewers change camera angles while watching a video. Currently, the site is displaying only one video showcasing this feature, but is taking requests from video makers that want to help test the feature.

The multiple views show up as thumbnails alongside the main video and disappear once it gets started. The feature allows users to view the videos from different angles by clicking on the different cameras, or by using keyboard shortcuts. YouTube is using a recent performance by indie artist Madilyn Bailey, for users to try the feature. The YouTube team took her performance at the most recent YouTube Music Night and turned it into a multi-angle video. Bailey has more than 1.9 million YouTube subscribers and her most popular videos fetching 5 million views or more each.

YouTube is not the first to try out this feature, other apps like the Marc Cuban- and Switchcam or Streamweaver that focused on crowd sourcing these kind of videos. YouTube has also been testing support for up to six cameras for users of its live event broadcasting, though users don't have an option to switch between views. Last month, the site announced that it plans to support 360-degree videos as well.

YouTube spokesperson Matt McLernon stated, "We want to give artists as many ways to connect with their fans as possible, and this experimental feature brings fans even further into creating the experience they want."

A YouTube spokesperson stated that this experiment is part of YouTube’s efforts “to keep making more immersive and interactive video experiences.”

Music artist Madilyn Bailey stated, “I love being super interactive with my online community and I think this is such a creative way to put more freedom into the hands of my viewers and gives them the ability to have a more personalized viewing experience,” she told me in an email. “Anytime I can get my audience more involved, I’m a happy YouTuber!”

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Source: Techcrunch