YouTube reveals new design focussing on subscriptions and channels

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07 - Dec - 2012
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07 - Dec - 2012
YouTube reveals new design focussing on subscriptions and channel...

YouTube is on the verge of rolling out a new look to the site with a definite focus on subscriptions and channels, according to a blog post on the Official YouTube Blog. Also, the revamped design will be seen across platforms ie. desktop, smartphones and tablets, which is something that was missing initially. This will make your YouTube experience seamless across all platforms, the way it should really be.

Considering the massive volume of videos on YouTube and most uploaders having their own channels, it makes sense to steer the design on a path that leverages these two aspects. A lot of us not only watch video, but subscribe to channels and follow the channels, just like we do on TV. As your number of subscribed channels increases, the need to manage them becomes significant.

Of course, YouTube had the Guide feature which was introduced last year which gave you a streamlined view of your subscribed channels and the activity on those channels in the centre of the YouTube home page. The new design builds up on the Guide feature and takes it across platforms. The new design also adds in a Manage Subscriptions button below the subscriptions section to allow you to manage all your channels and determine actions such as ‘Show uploads only in feeds’ or ‘Email with new uploads’ and so on.

New look giving ample space for the video and playlist has been moved to the right hand side of the video.

YouTube will go in for a simpler and cleaner look putting the video that you are watching in the front and centre with your playlist on the right hand side - a much better implementation than the ribbon interface at the bottom of the page that we were used to so far. The subscribe button, social actions and video information are all placed below the video player.

The rollout will start later today. It hasn’t yet been activated at our ends. From the looks of it, we know that it is not going to go down too well with some, whereas others will love it. We will reserve our judgement till we come across the new design. If you come across it, please go ahead and share your take on the new YouTube design in the comments section below.

Source: YouTube Official Blog
Via: The Next Web

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