YouTube redesign focusses on social networking, personalised features

Published Date
02 - Dec - 2013
| Last Updated
08 - Feb - 2018
YouTube redesign focusses on social networking, personalised feat...

As you must have already noticed, YouTube has received a major design overhaul. Apart from the new design, YouTube has incorporated various new features, with the facelift aimed at making the popular video sharing site much simpler to use.

The overhauled YouTube now has a new home page with greyish background, similar to other recently updated Google products. The home page seems busier with a greater stress on social networking. The Channel design has also been overhauled, while the size of video thumbnails has been increased.

The new YouTube homepage has a new feature on the left hand side, which lets you create your own, personalised YouTube Channel line-up. YouTube users can also browse recommended Channels, personalise home page feeds and link up to the social networking sites such as Google and Facebook. The home page feed has been pushed to the front and centre of the page. Click on different channels on the left to switch between the feeds. Check out more information on the new YouTube home page here.

YouTube's Channel page has received one of the biggest updates since its launch. The updated Channel page is supposed to help users find more relevant videos. In view of different goals of the uploaders, YouTube has also added a new Channel templates feature.

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Overall, you can notice the consistent greyish background (YouTube calls it a “fresh coat of digital paint”) on the video sharing site. YouTube's new design is supposedly inspired by the experimental designs called Cosmic Panda. The new YouTube has bigger video thumbnails and a more streamlined watch page.

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