YouTube may launch new programs exclusive to paid subscriptions

The new programs will possibly be announced at an event on October 21, and may feature some big names in the industry.

Published Date
19 - Oct - 2015
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19 - Oct - 2015
YouTube may launch new programs exclusive to paid subscriptions

YouTube may soon release content that will be available exclusively for members of its upcoming paid subscription service. The company will announce some of its listed shows at an event on October 21. These will feature some big titles, and will only be accessible to those who have opted to pay for the service.

YouTube will continue to operate an ad-supported version of its website. It has stated that all videos that appear on the site will also be available on the paid version. The company had also asked all content providers who make use of advertisements on their site to generate money to participate in the subscription service as well. YouTube has not specified an exact date as to when the new service will be available, but Re/Code’s source have said that it will most likely become available in 2016.

Last month, it was reported that YouTube may be launching an ad-free subscription service on October 22. The service is expected to cost $10. Those who subscribe to the service will not only gain access to an ad-free version of YouTube, but also gain access to Music Key. Music Key is YouTube’s music streaming service that allows offline access, background playback, and more. YouTube had sent content owners an email asking them to accept the terms of the new conditions of service, by October 22 this year. They were asked to agree to the proposed changes, or their videos "will no longer be available for public display or monetization in the United States”, as per YouTube's disclaimer. The dates do match up to October 21, when YouTube is expected to announce its new programs. Hence, it is possible that the company might make its big announcement, on that day. However, as of now, there has been no official word from YouTube, or Google.

Google had launched its paid video subscription service in 2013, as a ‘pilot program’. Subscription plans started at 99 cents a month, and escalated to as high as $9.99 a month. At launch, it featured 53 channels which could be viewed on desktops, or mobile devices.

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